Adrian Pyne on APMG Panel Q&A Show

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is a panelist on the APMG Panel on Agile Change.

Episode 149 – Level Up your Career – How to become an Agile Change Agent

APMG International presents our popular weekly panel Q&A show. This episode is about how to become an Agile Leader. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered. Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International Question Master: Suchitra Jacob, APMG International Panelists: Melanie Franklin, Director, Agile Change Management Ltd Tomasz Manugiewicz, General Manager of Grand Parade Poland.

Congratulations to all the Practical Inspiration Authors shortlisted in this year’s Business Book Awards

Business Book Awards

Congratulations to all the finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards (with commiserations to those who missed out).

It was a proud day for Practical Inspiration Publishing, with ELEVEN  of our authors shortlisted again this year.

Our finalists are:
Rob Wozny (Storytelling for Business), Mark Garrett Hayes (Sales Coaching Essentials), Tammy Watchorn (The Change Ninja Handbook), Chris Altizer/Gloria Johnson-Cusack (Growing the Elephant), Lesley Roberts (Coaching Outdoors), Adrian Pyne (Agile Beyond IT), Carla Miller (Closing the Influence Gap), Joy Burnford (Don’t Fix Women), Felicity Cowie (Exposure), Helen Beedham (The Future of Time) and Alison Jones (Exploratory Writing).

Winners will be revealed on 16 May, 2023.

We’re keeping EVERYTHING crossed!

Business Book Awards 2023 Shortlist Reveal Livestream

Adrian Pyne in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is interviewed as part of Authority Magazine’s series ‘How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies’.

Agile Businesses: Adrian Pyne Of Pyne Consulting Limited On How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant…

Keep your eye on the ball : A key part of the philosophy of agility is focus on the value you are after. In complex Transformations its common for influential stakeholders to crawl out of the woodwork to add bits of scope to their advantage without using their budgets.

Adrian Pyne on The Project Chatter podcast

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is featured on the The Project Chatter podcast with Dale Foong to discuss Agile Beyond IT

S6E128: Creating Value from Adapting Agility to Project Management with Adrian Pyne – Project Chatter Podcast

In this week’s pod, we welcomed Adrian Pyne to discuss what project agility really looks like.Adrian is above all a project professional. He has led or rescued Transformation programmes widely from Telcos to eCommerce, Finance. Mining, Aviation, and the public sector. He has designed, built and operated P3 (project, programme and portfolio management) capability, PMOs, […]

Adrian Pyne on The Hub by Appfire

‘…it’s a part of the culture of agility that you kind of have to trust people, you have to make sure that you can form a great professional team, that you give them very clear instruction about what they have to do, what they have to deliver, and give them the shape and policy of how they’re going to do that.’ 

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, talks with Kerry Gorgon on the The Hub, by Appfire about the 5 most expensive agile mistakes.

What are the 5 most expensive agile mistakes?

“What are the 5 most expensive agile mistakes?” Find out in this episode of Appfire Presents: The Best Project Portfolio Management Show by Appfire. Adrian Pyne explains the most dangerous (and costly) assumptions project management pros and organizations make about project agility.

Adrian Pyne featured on the APM website

‘Agility can be a model for the right practice as it is adaptive to the project and its landscape.’

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is featured on the APM website talking about the five most expensive project agility mistakes.

The five most expensive project agility mistakes

I really shouldn’t complain. After all, I have often made a good living from rectifying big project mistakes. But when Brian Wernham and I started our agile project management roadshows in the noughties we did so in part from deep rage.

Adrian Pyne in PM Today

‘Put the trends of projectization and agility together successfully and you have the potential for anything from survival to competitive advantage.’

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, has written a thought leadership piece for PM Today.

Agility On Board – PM Today

This article looks at two major trends which together should be driving a change in business operating models; projectization and . The projectization of work has been gathering pace throughout my 36 year career.