Helen Beedham winner of the People Culture & Management Book 2023

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards!

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, was the winner of the People Culture & Management Book 2023.

Business Book Awards on LinkedIn: 🏆📚 Business Book Awards 2023 – Highlights Reel 📚🏆 | 14 comments

🏆📚 THE BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS 2023 📚🏆 The Business Book Awards in partnership with Pathway Group annual gala dinner ceremony took place on Tuesday 16th May in London at The Drum Wembley. After whittling down 300 entries from around the world into a shortlist of over 100, a panel of judges chose the winners and runners-up in each category.

Adrian Pyne on APMG Panel Q&A Show

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is a panelist on the APMG Panel on Agile Change.

Episode 149 – Level Up your Career – How to become an Agile Change Agent

APMG International presents our popular weekly panel Q&A show. This episode is about how to become an Agile Leader. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered. Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International Question Master: Suchitra Jacob, APMG International Panelists: Melanie Franklin, Director, Agile Change Management Ltd Tomasz Manugiewicz, General Manager of Grand Parade Poland.

Alison Jones in The Northwich Guardian

‘This kind of writing, which is proven to help people beat stress and make better decisions, is a kind of private conversation you have with yourself.’

Alison Jones, author of Exploratory Writing and This Book Means Business, is featured in The Northwich Guardian.

Author and podcast host shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2023

Alison Jones, who is also a publisher and podcast host, has been named as a finalist in The Business Book Awards. Her shortlisted book, Exploratory Writing: Everyday magic for life and work, is written with both a business audience and general readers in mind.

Hadrien Chatelet in The Freelancer Magazine

Hadrien Chatelet,  co-author of Brand Yourself, (with Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself ) is featured in Issue #9 of The Freelancer Magazine: The Art of Freelancing – Creativity & Design.

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Felicity Cowie in Bristol 24/7

‘As an entrepreneur myself I know it’s so important to gain all sorts of skills which can be right outside your comfort zone, in order to make your business a success.’

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure, is featured in Bristol 24/7 s after recently being shortlisted for The Business Book Awards.

Entrepreneur shortlisted for business book awards

News / Female Entrepreneurs By Rachel Sutherland, Monday Mar 20, 2023 A Bristol entrepreneur and author has been chosen as a finalist for The Business Book Awards 2023. Felicity Cowie, a double Royal Television Society Award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist, has been recognised for her book Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists.

Felicity Cowie in The North Somerset Times

“The fantastic thing about the Business Book Awards is that they make it possible for businesses to identify affordable expertise and so, for the low cost of a book, can get up to speed on a huge range of skills.’

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure, is featured in the North Somerset Times after recently being shortlisted for The Business Book Awards

Local author gets shortlisted in The Business Book Awards

An AUTHOR from Nailsea has had her book shortlisted for The Business Book Awards. Felicity Cowie, a former Royal Television Society Award-winning former BBC, ITV and Panorama journalist, has been shortlisted in the Start Up/Scale Up category for her 2022 book. The book is titled Exposure: Insider Secrets to Make Your Business a Go-To Authority for Journalists.

Lesley Roberts in the Training Journal

Training Journal logo

‘The benefits to the client from being coached outdoors are multi-faceted and interlinked. The main themes (beyond mental and physical wellbeing) are that nature, movement and an enhanced coach relationship provide the foundation for a rich and valuable experience of connection, wisdom, healing, creativity, insight and spirituality.’

Lesley Roberts, author of Coaching Outdoors, is featured in the Training Journal speaking about the benefits of taking our coaching conversations out into the great outdoors.

Coaching in nature – Training Journal

Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin Lesley Roberts explores the benefits of taking our coaching conversations out into the great outdoors Nature has a wonderful power of putting things right, if allowed free play. James Platt, 1883 Imagine if we let nature into our coaching work.

Melissa Romo in Leadership Excellence

‘For a remote worker, especially a female head of a household, the ability to create and maintain boundaries is akin to suiting up an astronaut in a spacesuit. She must have that suit to survive.’

Melissa Romo, author of Your Resource is Human, features in Leadership Excellence speaking about maintaining boundaries between work and home.

Let’s Relieve Women From Work From Home Guilt

I’m a female executive leading a large multi-country team for an international company. I’ve worked remotely for this company since 2017 because they don’t have an office in the city where I live. Being at home for more than six years, I’m experienced in remote work, long before Covid.

Congratulations to all the Practical Inspiration Authors shortlisted in this year’s Business Book Awards

Business Book Awards

Congratulations to all the finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards (with commiserations to those who missed out).

It was a proud day for Practical Inspiration Publishing, with ELEVEN  of our authors shortlisted again this year.

Our finalists are:
Rob Wozny (Storytelling for Business), Mark Garrett Hayes (Sales Coaching Essentials), Tammy Watchorn (The Change Ninja Handbook), Chris Altizer/Gloria Johnson-Cusack (Growing the Elephant), Lesley Roberts (Coaching Outdoors), Adrian Pyne (Agile Beyond IT), Carla Miller (Closing the Influence Gap), Joy Burnford (Don’t Fix Women), Felicity Cowie (Exposure), Helen Beedham (The Future of Time) and Alison Jones (Exploratory Writing).

Winners will be revealed on 16 May, 2023.

We’re keeping EVERYTHING crossed!

Business Book Awards 2023 Shortlist Reveal Livestream


Mark Hayes in Coaching at Work

‘People joining the world of sales now (and from now on) want to work where they can exercise more choice and be developed by sales managers and leaders who challenge them, grow them and coach them.’

Mark Garrett Hayes, author of Sales Coaching Essentials: How to transform your sales team, is featured on Coaching at Work

LET GO TO GROW – Coaching at Work

Mark Garrett Hayes uses coaching tools to help leaders empower their sales people, beginning with a change in leadership style Hamid was vice president (VP) of sales in a fast-growing software firm. His goals included driving a sizeable territory plan, accelerating new customer acquisitions and achieving ambitious annual sales goals.But what he needed most […]