Fabienne Vailes featured in Psychology Today

Fabienne Vailes, author of The Flourishing Student, speaks with John G. Cottone, Ph.D in Psychology Today about prioritizing mental health in higher education.

Mental Health Is at the Center of Higher Education Reform

The median age of onset for psychotic disorders extends from the late teens through the early 20s, when many are in college and graduate school. Recommendations from reformers like Fabienne Vailes, author of ‘The Flourishing Student,’ encourage universities to prioritize mental health.

Felicity Cowie featured in Entrepreneur’s Handbook

‘Many entrepreneurs don’t have the resources or skills to ‘cut through the noise.’ But thanks to the rise of online platforms which share live media requests, there’s no better time for business founders and leaders to generate their own coverage’

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure, is featured in Entrepreneur’s Handbook talking about the top 3 things you can do yourself to get media coverage

How Founders Can Win Media Coverage for Zero Cost

I sifted at least 100,000 story pitches when I worked on the main planning desks for BBC News (radio, tv, and online) and its investigative show Panorama. Since 2010, I’ve worked as a media relations troubleshooter for some of the world’s leading organizations (NHS, HERE Technologies, Virgin).

Felicity Cowie featured on Lionesses of Africa

‘I define media relations as ‘working with journalists to gain unpaid news coverage’.’

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure, is featured on Lionesses of Africa talking about media relations and how it is different from public relations.

What Exactly is Media Relations? – Lionesses of Africa

by Felicity Cowie, The Media Relations Coach Media relations is frequently muddled up with public relations and that is very unhelpful for businesses seeking media coverage. Fundamentally, media relations is about working with journalists . Whilst the intention is to ultimately reach the public (

David Pattison in CEO Today Magazine

CEO Today

‘Look at your company through an investor’s eye and you will have a very clear view of what you need to do to get the money and help you need.’

David Pattison, author of The Money Train and winner of the Business Book Award for Startup / Scaleup Book 2022, is featured in CEO Today magazine talking about common mistakes that put off investors.

8 Common Start-Up Mistakes That Put Off Investors

There is a lot of money in the investment market looking for good businesses to invest in. There are also a lot of young businesses looking for investment funds. The investment market strategy has been to encourage young start-up businesses to look f

Mark Garrett Hayes on Newstalk ‘Down to Business’

Mark Garrett Hayes, author of Sales Coaching Essentials: How to transform your sales team, speaks with Bobby Kerr on the Newstalk ‘Down to Business’ radio show about getting the most out of your team.

Sales Coaching Essentials with Mark Garrett Hayes | Newstalk

Many companies put huge amounts of money into training their sales teams. But when it comes to getting the most out of your team – how can you better coach and nurture the potential you see in them?

Cath Bishop featured in The Guardian

The Guardian

‘Our objective should be to create environments where athletes leave sport with a positive story regardless of the result, ready to give back as role models and perhaps as a volunteer, coach or board member.’

Cath Bishop, author of The Long Win, is featured in The Guardian speaking about how coaches and leaders must take positive action to create a different experience of sport for current and future generations.

Bradley Wiggins’s pain shows us that sport needs to prioritise welfare too

t’s hard to recall Bradley Wiggins sitting on his throne at Hampton Court, riding into Paris with the yellow jersey, or ringing the bell to start the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony without now seeing through to the secret he was carrying inside him on all those occasions.

Helen Beedham in CMI Managers

‘We need to make conscious, strategic choices about how we want to be investing our future time.’

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, is featured in CMI Managers discussing how managers play a pivotal role in reducing wasted working time, achieving more in less time, and creating efficient, high-performing teams.

Is your team managing their time properly? – CMI

When it comes to managing our time at work , we’re stuck in an old way of operating that isn’t good for individuals or for businesses. Our work culture typically is characterised by short-termism, speed, bureaucracy and volume.

Helen Beedham in HR News

‘Employees are more time-poor and exhausted than ever, and businesses are losing their best talent as people are searching for more sustainable, fulfilling roles.’

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, is featured in HR News speaking about changing working practices and behaviours and creating some healthier, more productive and inclusive norms.

It’s time for new workplace norms – HR News

Helen Beedham speaks, consults and leads research on how to create more inclusive, productive workplaces’. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a re-evaluation of the workplace and the way we work. Employees are more time-poor and exhausted than ever, and businesses are losing their best talent as people are searching for more sustainable, fulfilling roles.

Tim Bradshaw featured in CMI Managers

‘Something as simple as not communicating effectively can trigger the fight or flight mechanism within our colleagues’

Tim Bradshaw, author of Because I Can is featured in CMI Managers speaking about how managers can easily trigger the fight-or-flight stress reaction among their people.

Are you a manager who spreads stress? Here’s how to stop – CMI

I have found myself in a number of scary situations over the years, from gunfights in Afghanistan to earthquakes on the side of Mount Everest. No amount of exposure to these situations has reduced the effects of the fight-or-flight mechanism or stopped it from being triggered.