Sally Sanderson in Globe Law and Business

‘The trend towards hybrid or virtual working has not only made partners appear more remote, it has created additional challenges for learning. It is more difficult for inexperienced lawyers to ask quick questions, to get ongoing feedback and their opportunities to observe seniors in action have been greatly reduced.’

Sally Sanderson, author of  Leading Lawyers, has written a blog article for Globe Law and Business about the learning expectations of Millennials and Gen Z.

Learning expectations of Millennials and Gen Z | Globe Law and Business specialises in producing practical, topical titles for international legal and business professionals

14 September 2022 What do your exit interviews reveal about why lawyers are leaving your firm or private practice? Common reasons cited are a perceived lack of interest in their success, their well-being and that many busy partners seem remote and only focused on getting work done.

Fabienne Vailes on Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)

‘…the most important recommendation is for tutors and staff to focus on self-care first. Self-care is essential. If we truly want flourishing institutions, we need flourishing staff and flourishing students.’

Fabienne Vailes, author of The Flourishing Student, is featured on HEPI speaking about the role of tutors in supporting the wellbeing and resilience of students in higher eduction.

Wellbeing and Resilience: The role of tutors – HEPI

This blog was kindly contributed by Fabienne Vailes. An educational expert with almost 25 years of experience in the sector, Fabienne is on a mission to change the face of education, embedding wellbeing into the curriculum to create an environment where both students and staff flourish and develop the mental agility and resilience to succeed both academically and […]

Leanne Maskell in Marie Claire

‘Once you’ve discovered the key to your own brain, it’s a really powerful thing.’

Leanne Maskell, author of The Model Manifesto, is featured in Marie Claire talking about her experiences and how ADHD in women is more common than you’d think.

ADHD in women is more common than you think. So, do you have it?

Marie Claire is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. With celebrities like Gemma Styles and the Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield opening up about their ADHD diagnoses, you might be wondering if you have symptoms yourself At 23 years old, model and law graduate Leanne Maskell appeared to have it made.

Cath Bishop in the Guardian

The Guardian

‘The real challenge is not to identify the next generation of England women footballers – it is to reach the millions of girls who weren’t watching on Sunday but deserve access to the benefits of a healthy, active life.’

Olympian Cath Bishop, author of The Long Win, speaks in The Guardian about creating a positive social change following the England Lionesses’ historic victory at the European Championship.

After the Lionesses it’s time to be bold and create real cultural change | Cath Bishop

ew sporting occasions come more inspirational than the England Lionesses’ historic victory at the European Championship. There is again uplifting talk of a legacy, a cultural shift and positive social change that can come from this. But we need to admit that we have had nights like this and talked like this before.

Helen Beedham in the July Issue of The HR Director

HR DIrector

‘…we are witnessing a rise in employee activism, where people are negotiating more assertively for the kind of work, culture and employment deal they want.’

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, is featured in The HR Director speaking about performance evaluation and what we measure, incentivise and reward drives how much time we invest in different work activities and the way in which we make that investment.

Jude Jennison in The HR Director

HR DIrector

‘When boundaries are too rigid or stepped over in a team, resistance and tension occur. If a team does not feel safe to articulate its boundaries clearly, people misinterpret different situations, trust may be broken and conflict can occur.

Jude Jennison, author of Leading Through Uncertainty  is a featured in The HR Director speaking about team dynamics and nonverbal communication.

Cath Bishop in The Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Times

‘It’s time to forge a new 25-year vision: let’s redefine success beyond the blink of an eye crossing the line, three minutes on a podium and a number on a medal table. Let’s challenge ourselves to win medals where we can be proud of every single story. And let’s start prioritising how we can deliver greater long-term positive outcomes for individuals and communities through sport. There’s a better way to succeed in sport, and we shouldn’t rest until we find it.’

Olympian Cath Bishop, author of The Long Win, challenges our simplistic stories about winning and sport in The Mail on Sunday.

CATH BISHOP: How many medals is enough?

London 2012 was a success but the event has been tainted by welfare scandals Athletes have told stories of abuse, bullying and negative mental health issues Cultural changes in high-performance sport should be prioritised over medals How well did we seize the chance of a lifetime that London 2012 offered our nation?

Chris Altizer and Gloria Johnson-Cusack in HR Morning

‘Employee resilience has been a flaming-hot topic with plenty of new ideas. The problem with most is the notion that employees can do it themselves, but, leaders contribute to workplace resilience when they lead with their own participation. From their own resilience, leaders can more effectively remove barriers to employee performance, improve workplace culture, and slow the great resignation.’

Chris Altizer and Gloria Johnson-Cusack authors of Growing the Elephant have an article on organizational resilience published in HR Morning .

HR’s critical role in building organizational resilience | HR Morning

The last two years were full of HR lessons – and this could be the most important: Resilience makes a difference. It likely helped you trudge through volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. And now, resilience – the ability to cope with adversity and adapt to challenges and change – is a critical business strategy.

Lucy Werner in The Times

‘…due to the increased digital nature of our business, we didn’t need to be tied down to one place and we could work abroad.’

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and (with Hadrien Chatelet) Brand Yourself, talks with Georgia Lambert in The Times about starting an online consultancy and leaving the UK.

Our lockdown business success allowed us to move to France

My husband, Hadrien, and I met in London in 2015, when we both worked in marketing [says Lucy Werner, 39]. We moved into a terraced home in Homerton in Hackney, east London, in 2016. In 2017, we had our first son. However, in 2019, during the pregnancy of our second child, life got more difficult for us.