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‘In this era of a worldwide economy, you need to learn how to interact and collaborate effectively with other cultures and lean into diversity, both inside and outside the workplace environment. Life is more fun when you are not isolated and ignored.’

Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate, is featured in an article by Martin Zwilling speaking about strategies to improve team collaboration and relationships.

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Joanna Gaudoin on Yahoo Finance UK

‘We all need change and new challenges to keep us motivated and engaged. The best companies want their employees to be motivated and fulfilling their potential as it benefits them too’

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is featured in on Yahoo Finance UK.

How to change your role without quitting your job

If you’re feeling unfulfilled at your job and are in need of a change, one answer is to start looking for roles elsewhere. The problem is, it’s not easy to find another job – and there’s no guarantee you’ll feel more satisfied with your career if you move to a different organisation.

Deb Mashek in Psychology Today

‘When you’re in a relationship, you’re no longer completely independent. You’re now interdependent and must consider your partner’s opinions, feelings, motivations, and plans. Doing that well requires careful collaboration.’

Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate, is featured on Psychology Today speaking about how work collaborations can teach us about improving romantic relationships.

5 Collaboration Mistakes to Avoid in Your Relationship

Companies often recognize the value of high-functioning relationships. That wisdom applies to romantic relationships. Relationships rely on collaboration and the best collaborations are purposeful, focused, intentional, and coordinated. Five key ways collaborations fail include uneven workloads, inconsistent contributions, power trips, disengagement, and dropping the ball.

Deb Mashek on ReWorked

‘If you want a more collaborative culture, you need to make collaboration possible, easy, normative, rewarding and potentially even required.’

Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate, is featured on Reworked speaking about how to encourage collaboration.

A Collaborative Culture Is Within Reach: Here’s How

Great collaboration is a competitive advantage. It gives rise to smooth processes, innovative solutions, happy people and robust bottom lines. Yet, although collaboration is celebrated in the workplace, it’s not always obvious how to cultivate a culture of collaboration. This is especially true when the existing culture is at odds with the aspiration.

Becky Hall in Stylist Magazine

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‘January is the perfect time to channel your ‘inner lobster’, aka taking time to step back and grow a shell that will protect you as you navigate the challenges of the year ahead’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in The Stylist talking about regrouping and setting new boundaries.

Feeling overwhelmed by January? Try channelling your inner lobster

Mental Health Posted by Lauren Geall Published background Layer 1 Add this article to your list of favourites It may sound weird, but thinking about yourself as a lobster could be the perfect way to ease yourself into the year ahead.

Felicity Dwyer in Global Leaders Today

‘Connecting with yourself, others, and the wider community will help you to become a more powerful leader’

Felicity Dwyer, author of Crafting Connection is featured in Global Leaders Today.

Crafting Meaningful Connections for Effective Leadership

Written by Felicity Dwyer An important leadership skill is an ability to connect with others. Leaders need to be able to communicate at all levels both internally and externally and to inspire other people. Research shows that leaders who are both visionary and empathic are likely to be the most successful.

Becky Hall in the Belfast Telegraph

‘Enough is a state of being and a way of living. With enough we learn how to live within the natural limits of our lives, and this sets us free to flourish. Enough is resourced by love and abundance. When we believe that we are enough, we can find freedom and flow that allows us to shine.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in The Belfast Telegraph talking about kids can benefit from the ‘Art of Enough’ at Christmas.

‘Teaching your child appreciation and gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving’

Christmas means different things to different people, but whatever your faith or views about this time of year, it can be easy to be swept up in expectation and excess. here can be pressure from all sides to buy more, eat more and do more and this can lead to a bucket load of stress for parents and children alike.