Alison Jones“If – like us – you believe that books are good for business, you’re in the right place.

Our books are both practical and inspiring, covering topics from leadership, entrepreneurship, HR and marketing to self-development, well-being and parenting.

Our authors are world-renowned experts in their field, and Practical Inspiration Publishing is committed to supporting them right through the publishing journey.

We’re small enough to care passionately about every one of our books and our authors, and big enough to provide top-quality global distribution, rights, and sales and marketing support.

These books mean business.”

– Alison Jones, Director of Practical Inspiration Publishing


These are troubling times, and we send our very best wishes to Practical Inspiration authors and readers everywhere – take care and stay well. Now is a GREAT time to catch up on the reading – and perhaps the writing – that you’ve been meaning to get to for months.

Here’s a few ways we’re responding to the current situation:

booksearchAll our books are available through this site and all good bookshops, so if Amazon’s focus on essential items only means you can’t order a book through them you have options:
1. buy it through this site (but honestly, we’d prefer if you support your local independent bookseller right now)
2. use the Booksellers’ Association booksearch tool to find your nearest independent bookseller and order through them: they’ll be happy to deliver it or arrange pick-up.
3. buy online through hive.co.uk, which allows you to support a local independent bookshop of your choice
4. buy the ebook instead on your platform of choice – our ebooks are distributed through every platform!

If you’re a Practical Inspiration author and you have any questions, just drop me a line (or check the Facebook group for our regular updates).

We’ll get through this but it will take faith, hope, love and a stack of really good books.

Alison Jones, 18 March 2020 – last updated 27 May 2020

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The topics may vary but all our posts continue to have this in common: they are both practical and inspiring.

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