Becky Hall in Readers Digest

‘Learning to accept yourself exactly as you are, and realising that you are enough is such a gift’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in Readers Digest talking about imposter syndrome and 5 simple ways to overcome it.

5 Simple ways to overcome imposter syndrome – Reader’s Digest

Imposter syndrome can be exhausting, but there are ways to overcome it. Life coach and author Becky Hall shares five tips for dealing with imposter syndrome Imposter syndrome is the inner, often secret conviction that despite our experience, skills and qualifications, we’re somehow just not good enough for the job we’re in.

Becky Hall in The Stylist magazine

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Becky Hall’s book, The Art of Enough, is featured in the The Stylist Magazine and introduced by the Editor-in-Chief in her newsletter as:

‘Keen to find at least one glimmer of hope in a sea of gloomy headlines, Becky Hall’s new book, The Art Of Enough, jumped out to us. Recession aside, Hall argues we are already at Peak Stuff, and that all of our striving for more (more things, more experiences, more, more, more…) is leaving us anything but happy. She references economist Tim Jackson’s brilliant quote from his 2010 Ted Talk: “We are persuaded to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to make impressions that won’t last on people we don’t care about.”

While access to food and a roof over your head can’t be considered anything other than a basic right, this is a time when we will be forced to assess what we truly need alongside those basics and, subsequently, what are the ‘things’ that really make us happy.’ 


Helen Beedham in The Edge

‘This is not just a book on time management. It explores ways of working, productivity, diversity and wellbeing. It is practical and inspirational.’

‘This is a great book that looks at time management holistically, along with a range of tools and techniques.’

Helen Beedham’s book, The Future of Time, receives a five star review in The Edge Yule 2022, Journal of Institute of Leadership & Management

Alison Jones in Personal Excellence,

‘…exploratory writing is one of the most powerful tools for taking on some of the most profound issues we face as human beings in a complex, disrupted, technology-led world.’

Alison Jones, author of Exploratory Writing and This Book Means Business, is featured in the November issue of Personal Excellence

Things You Can Do In Six Minutes

What can you do in six minutes? Make a cup of coffee. Check social media. Knock out 20 press-ups-all good ideas. But here are some even better ones: Solve a problem. Mend a relationship. Improve your well-being. Calm your anxiety. Come up with a new idea. Sound a bit ambitious?

Joy Burnford in The Globe and Mail

‘Centuries of male-dominated cultures, processes and policies need to be shaken up. I’m not blaming men here. It’s a historical situation that has evolved over time and today the priority is about levelling up the playing field.’

Joy Burnford’s book, Don’t Fix Women, is reviewed in The Globe and Mail

Stop trying to fix women. Start fixing your organization for gender equality

Do women become less “nice” in middle age? It would appear that we think so. And that throws an additional wrench into our efforts to develop more gender-balanced leadership teams. A gender stereotype we hold is that women are kinder and more warm-hearted, nicer and less aggressive, compared with men.

Joy Burnford in The Financial Times

‘This book is exactly what is says it is: a very practical guide to the structural issues in workplaces and society that have blocked women’s progress, and a toolkit with ideas for fixing them. The USP of this book, distinguishing it from many others in the same genre, is the inclusion of case studies and tips from many senior UK business leaders.’

Joy Burnford’s book, Don’t Fix Women, is reviewed in Financial Times Business Books: What to read this month.

Becky Hall in The Metro

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‘You don’t have to be perfect – no-one can be. Just give of your best and that will be enough.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in the The Metro, talking about ways to overcome impostor syndrome.

Five expert-backed ways to overcome impostor syndrome

Ever feel like you’re on the brink of being found out as a massive fraud? You feel like you’ve fooled everyone into thinking you’re better than you are, and that you’ll get caught at any moment.

Alison Jones will be chairing a panel at the Harpers Bazaar ‘Bazaar At Work Summit 2022’

On Monday 21st November, Alison Jones (author of Exploratory Writing and This Book Means Business) will be chairing a panel on cultivating resilience at the Harpers Bazaar ‘Bazaar At Work Summit’ – guests include Baroness Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, Professor Lucy Easthope, the co-founder of the After Disaster Network, and Farzana Baduel, CEO of Curzon PR.  Other guests include Britain’s fastest woman, Dina Asher-Smith, Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, space scientist and broadcaster, and many more.

Bazaar At Work Summit 2022

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