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‘This book will help any woman – at whatever stage of their career – to realise they have all the skills they need to become the leader they really want to be.’

Carla Miller‘s book, Closing the Influence Gap, has been reviewed on

Closing the Influence Gap: A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard – theHRDIRECTOR

The hard-hitting introduction of this book perfectly summarises the harm that the Influence Gap is having, not only to women in the workplace but on organisations globally. And it’s this challenge of gender inequality that the author aims to help women to navigate through this practical and punchy guide.

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‘…the important thing is being more aware of yourself, what you bring as a leader and how that fits your organisation and understanding what impact your actions, words and how you say them have on others…’

Carla Miller‘s book, Closing the Influence Gap, has been reviewed in depth by

Women Succeeding On Their Own Terms |

Women don’t need fixing, but they can learn ways to get ahead on their own terms in a system that is biased against them, according to a new book which is packed full of practical tips.

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‘Recognizing the role of gender bias needs to be a core element of any women’s leadership development program, making it clear that women don’t need to be “fixed;” they need to be recognized and valued for their contribution.’

Carla Miller, author of Closing the Influence Gap, is featured on discussing why women experience an ‘Influence gap’ at work.

Why Do Women Experience an Influence Gap? How Can We Fix It?

In today’s business world, it’s well known that women hold fewer positions of power: As of 2020, women held the majority of jobs in the U.S. workforce for the first time in nearly a decade, but only 33% of women hold senior management positions in the North American sector, with the global percentage of women in senior management roles being 31%.

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Management Today

Carla Miller‘s book Closing the Influence Gap is included in Management Today’s ‘The books to read now you are back at work’

The books to read now you are back at work

As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome a new school term, Management Today rounds up the best books leaders will need for a full year of learning. More often than not, the lessons learned by leaders get overlooked by the next generation.

Carla Miller in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘We want leaders who are relatable and human, who understand when we make mistakes because they’ve also made their own fair share.’

Carla Miller, author of Closing the Influence Gap, is interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis in Authority Magazine as part of a series about “How To Give Honest Feedback without Being Hurtful”

Carla Miller Of Impact Consulting: Giving Feedback; How To Be Honest Without Being Hurtful

Listen – feedback should be a two way conversation. In fact you may even want to start by asking how they felt it went. A coaching approach can be a great way to give feedback. Once you’ve made your point clearly, then ask them what their thoughts are, listen with an open mind and help them to problem solve.