Chris Altizer in People Managing People

‘The main blocker to building a better world of work is the inequity of opportunity for people to contribute or earn advantage, and the inability and unwillingness of many to understand that reality.’

Chris Altizer, co-author of Growing the Elephant with Gloria Johnson-Cusack, is interviewed by Tim Reitsma for People Managing People for their series on how we can collectively build better workplaces.

Lack Of Awareness Is Holding Us Back From A Better World Of Work – People Managing People

We’re passionate about the world of work, and how we can make it better. To help satisfy our curiosity, we’ve launched an interview series where we pick the brains of experienced leaders, business owners, managers, and individual contributors to get their thoughts on how we can collectively build better workplaces.

Carla Miller featured in Management Today

Management Today

Carla Miller‘s book Closing the Influence Gap is included in Management Today’s ‘The books to read now you are back at work’

The books to read now you are back at work

As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome a new school term, Management Today rounds up the best books leaders will need for a full year of learning. More often than not, the lessons learned by leaders get overlooked by the next generation.

Carla Miller in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘We want leaders who are relatable and human, who understand when we make mistakes because they’ve also made their own fair share.’

Carla Miller, author of Closing the Influence Gap, is interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis in Authority Magazine as part of a series about “How To Give Honest Feedback without Being Hurtful”

Carla Miller Of Impact Consulting: Giving Feedback; How To Be Honest Without Being Hurtful

Listen – feedback should be a two way conversation. In fact you may even want to start by asking how they felt it went. A coaching approach can be a great way to give feedback. Once you’ve made your point clearly, then ask them what their thoughts are, listen with an open mind and help them to problem solve.

Sally Sanderson in Globe Law and Business

‘The trend towards hybrid or virtual working has not only made partners appear more remote, it has created additional challenges for learning. It is more difficult for inexperienced lawyers to ask quick questions, to get ongoing feedback and their opportunities to observe seniors in action have been greatly reduced.’

Sally Sanderson, author of  Leading Lawyers, has written a blog article for Globe Law and Business about the learning expectations of Millennials and Gen Z.

Learning expectations of Millennials and Gen Z | Globe Law and Business specialises in producing practical, topical titles for international legal and business professionals

14 September 2022 What do your exit interviews reveal about why lawyers are leaving your firm or private practice? Common reasons cited are a perceived lack of interest in their success, their well-being and that many busy partners seem remote and only focused on getting work done.

Felicity Dwyer in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘Emotional intelligence starts with you. It’s the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions, and to regulate your emotions so that they work for you, not against you.’

Felicity Dwyer, author of Crafting Connection is interviewed by Ben Ari as part of  Authority Magazine’s series about Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence: Felicity Dwyer On What It Is, Why It Is So Essential, And How We Can…

An Interview With Ben Ari A good novelist will take us inside someone else’s reality and help us really see the world through their eyes. There is also research evidence that reading…

Adrian Pyne in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

Adrian Pyne, author of Agile Beyond IT, is interviewed as part of Authority Magazine’s series ‘How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant In The Face of Disruptive Technologies’.

Agile Businesses: Adrian Pyne Of Pyne Consulting Limited On How Businesses Pivot and Stay Relevant…

Keep your eye on the ball : A key part of the philosophy of agility is focus on the value you are after. In complex Transformations its common for influential stakeholders to crawl out of the woodwork to add bits of scope to their advantage without using their budgets.

Dr Tammy Watchorn on the Project Chatter Podcast

Dr Tammy Watchorn, author of The Change Ninja Handbookspeaks on the Project Chatter podcast.

The Project Chatter Podcast

Welcome to Project Chatter, the podcast where project professionals, specialists and experts from various sectors talk about the latest trends in project management and PMO. Listen to Val and Dale as they talk about tried and tested best practices and share their unfiltered thoughts about the industry.

Dr Tammy Watchorn on Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘Knowing that there is more possibility than you can imagine from growing is very heartwarming.’

Dr Tammy Watchorn, author of The Change Ninja Handbookspeaks with Fotis Georgiadis on Authority Magazine about ‘The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry’

Meet The Disruptors: Tammy Watchorn Of An Sás Consulting On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up…

Collaboration – it’s not working together, that’s teamwork. It’s not aligning and helping each other, that’s coordination and cooperation. It’s not engaging with lots of people, that’s networking. Collaboration is about working out loud, just like scientists did in times of old to solve big complex mathematical equations.