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‘The benefits to the client from being coached outdoors are multi-faceted and interlinked. The main themes (beyond mental and physical wellbeing) are that nature, movement and an enhanced coach relationship provide the foundation for a rich and valuable experience of connection, wisdom, healing, creativity, insight and spirituality.’

Lesley Roberts, author of Coaching Outdoors, is featured in the Training Journal speaking about the benefits of taking our coaching conversations out into the great outdoors.

Coaching in nature – Training Journal

Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin Lesley Roberts explores the benefits of taking our coaching conversations out into the great outdoors Nature has a wonderful power of putting things right, if allowed free play. James Platt, 1883 Imagine if we let nature into our coaching work.

Congratulations to all the Practical Inspiration Authors shortlisted in this year’s Business Book Awards

Business Book Awards

Congratulations to all the finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards (with commiserations to those who missed out).

It was a proud day for Practical Inspiration Publishing, with ELEVEN  of our authors shortlisted again this year.

Our finalists are:
Rob Wozny (Storytelling for Business), Mark Garrett Hayes (Sales Coaching Essentials), Tammy Watchorn (The Change Ninja Handbook), Chris Altizer/Gloria Cusack-Johnson (Growing the Elephant), Lesley Roberts (Coaching Outdoors), Adrian Pyne (Agile Beyond IT), Carla Miller (Closing the Influence Gap), Joy Burnford (Don’t Fix Women), Felicity Cowie (Exposure), Helen Beedham (The Future of Time) and Alison Jones (Exploratory Writing).

Winners will be revealed on 16 May, 2023.

We’re keeping EVERYTHING crossed!

Business Book Awards 2023 Shortlist Reveal Livestream