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We believe that good books are good for business.PI books

Our mission is to support leaders to create extraordinary business books and to help readers discover them.

At Practical Inspiration Publishing, we help business leaders and entrepreneurs deepen their thinking, articulate their unique perspective, and communicate effectively and with integrity. 
We challenge them to write and read business books to broaden their own understanding and build a platform for their expertise and business success.
We believe we’re the best publishing partner in the world for business leaders, with an unmatched package of editorial, production, sales, rights and marketing support with global distribution and representation in the traditional book-supply chain alongside full-service digital distribution – together with unusually author-friendly terms.

For full details on partnership publishing with Practical Inspiration, see www.alisonjones.com/publishing.

NB We do not accept unsolicited submissions: all commissioned titles are sourced through the 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge.

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