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Business books are different. And so are we.

When your book is representing your business, you want the professionalism and reach of traditional publishing together with the support and control of self-publishing.
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That’s why in 2014 Alison Jones created Practical Inspiration Publishing, bringing everything she’d learned from a 25-year career in traditional publishing together with top-level business experience, an MBA and coaching studies, to create a new way to publish business books.

We know that you care about:

CREDIBILITY – your book has to be beautifully designed and produced, well edited, and communicate a strong concept because it’s representing your brand.

  • That’s why we begin every book with a concept review to hone your message, and why our world-class team of experienced development editors, copy-editors, cover designers, illustrators, page designers, typesetters, proofreaders and indexers work with you at every stage to create a book that will make you proud.

CONTRIBUTION – you want your book to make life better for readers, to move the conversation forward in your area of expertise, and you also want it to contribute to your business’s success.

  • That’s why we work with you to develop and structure your intellectual property, and help you integrate the book into your wider business. It’s why you can purchase your book at cost, and why we make it easy for your clients and customers to make bulk purchases at discount (with customization if required).

COMMUNICATION – you want to reach the right people, wherever they are.

  • That’s why we warehouse books around the world, with global rep teams selling into bookstores, libraries and academic institutions. It’s why our digital asset distribution system sends our ebooks and audiobooks to more than 30 retail and library platforms worldwide. It’s why we have a rights team selling translation and other rights. And it’s why we design a bespoke marketing campaign in consultation with you, a campaign designed to promote not just your book but you, the author.

CONTROL – this intellectual property is core to your business, and you need the freedom to use it in multiple ways. You also want control over decisions such as design and pricing, and the flexibility to use the book in your business in the future.

  • That’s why every member of our expert, friendly team begins every conversation about the book by asking what works best for you. And it’s why our agreement explicitly allows you to use your material in any other way you wish.  

COST – you want a publishing partner who offers good value with a clear, honest pricing structure, and a package that gives you a good ROI on your business investment.

  • That’s why we don’t have any hidden extras or upselling. Just a fair price that gives excellent value to you and allows us to do a great job with your book.

If you’re interested in becoming a Practical Inspiration author, it all starts with a concept review. (Or if you have more questions, book a free publishing exploration call.)

NB We do not accept unsolicited submissions: the only route for traditional (publisher pays) publication is through the 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge.


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