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Frederique Murphy, author of Lead Beyond the Edge, shares her advice on how women leaders can support each other in this Forbes article for International Women’s Day.

Six Ways Female Leaders Can Help Their Sisters To Succeed

Female leaders are vital to helping other female leaders flourish at work. Arguably the most important way in which they do this is by acting as role models. Women can also support other women in the workplace by acting as sponsors, mentors and sounding boards.

Book review: Lead Beyond the Edge in CEO Today

CEO Today

‘A must-read for anyone wanting to optimise their inner power and maximise their achievements and success in a personal, career, business or organisational sense.’

Frederique Murphy‘s Lead Beyond the Edge: The Bold Path to Extraordinary Results is featured as one of ‘7 books by remarkable women’ in the International Women’s Day edition of CEO Today Magazine.

7 Books By Remarkable Women

The business and leadership space is still dominated by male authors, but there are so many incredible books written by women. For International Women’s Day, we have put together a round-up of some of our favourite leadership books written by remarka

Frederique Murphy in Management Today

Management Today

‘Looking for a step up? You need to prepare your brain first.’

Frederique Murphy, author of Lead Beyond the Edge, sets out actionable strategies to help you prepare your brain for executive progression.

3 science-backed hacks to rewire your brain for success

Looking for a step up? You need to prepare your brain first. As a leader, one thing you know is that to get results, you must lead. Lead yourself, your team, your organization. And when it comes to your career, it is the same thing. So, how do you lead your career?

Frederique Murphy in Elite Business Magazine

Frederique Murphy, author of Lead Beyond The Edge, is featured in Elite Business Magazine talking about the three leadership keys to help you be a mindful leader as you rewire your brain for success, and lead your SME towards continued growth and success.

Three leadership keys to keep in mind to accelerate your SME growth

As an SME owner, the growth of your business is front of mind – pun intended, as that’s exactly where it should be, to accelerate and grow your SME. Here are 3 leadership keys to keep in mind to accelerate your SME growth in 2022 and onwards.

Frederique Murphy in the Daily Mail

Mail Online

‘Pinpointing the areas of your life that are not making you happy, identifying your thought patterns and shifting your perspective can help you identify these blind sports and do away with them for good.’

Frederique Murphy, author of Lead Beyond the Edge, reveals how to identify and deal with the self-sabotaging behaviours that hold you back in Mail Online.

Expert reveals how emotional blind spots affect your well-being

Author Frederique Murphy reveals how emotional blind spot can affect you They are defined as a lack of awareness about a specific area of your personality Blind spots can hold you back without you even realising there is an issue An expert has revealed how emotional blind spots can hold you back in both your personal and your work life without you even realising.

Frederique Murphy in Vogue


Frederique Murphy, author of Lead Beyond the Edge, is featured in British Vogue giving advice about how to banish the January blues…

This Year, The January Blues Seem Turbo-Charged. Here’s How To Banish Them…

Let’s face it: January is the most depressing month of the year. Just ask all those with January birthdays. Your friends are either doing Dry Jan or intense detoxes, and have spent all their money on unnecessary Secret Santa gifts.