hand and seedlingWe’re passionate about the planet – it’s the only one we’ve got. So we try hard to minimize the environmental impact of our business while we maximize the inspiration. Here’s how it works:

–       travel: we keep business travel to a minimum. Everyone in the team works from home or coworking spaces, and we keep our full team meetings down to just twice a year. All other meetings and day-to-day communications happen through our awesome tech stack of collaboration tools.

–       paper: we use a smart mix of traditional, short-run and print-on-demand printing around the world to ensure we can have books in our warehouses in the UK and US without wasteful overprinting. We’ve never yet had to pulp stock, and because of our clever POD backstop we’ve never been unable to fulfill an order either.  We avoid difficult-to-recycle finishes (such as spot laminate or foil) on principle. 

–       standards: we only use printers who commit to using chlorine-free ink and acid-free paper from FSC-certified suppliers (that’s the Forest Stewardship Council, and it means that forests are managed to be sustainable while safeguarding both biodiversity and local communities).

–       packaging: Our printers don’t shrinkwrap books, they use recyclable cartons and packaging. Our marketing team sends out all review copies in recycled and recyclable packaging #nojiffybagsnomore

–       digital: As you’d expect from one of the pioneers of digital publishing, all our titles are available as ebooks and distributed worldwide through a state-of-the-art digital asset distribution system to retail and library platforms (including but not limited to Kindle).

There’s always more we can do, and we’ll keep on finding ways to be greener and smarter as well as practical and inspiring.