Sarah Kuipers in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

“When our sense of self-worth is based on how hard we work or how much we do for others, we are far more susceptible to burning out.”

An interview with Sarah Kuipers, author of The Thriving Giver, for Authority Magazine.

Author Sarah Kuipers: 5 Things Anyone Can Do To Optimize Their Mental Wellness

Choose empowering questions. Careful choice of questions can help to direct your attention towards more supportive thoughts, feelings and actions. For example, one client was extremely anxious before giving presentations and learnt to ask himself questions such as: What do I need to do so that I am fully prepared?

Grace Marshall in WellDoing Magazine


Grace Marshall, author of Struggle, invites us to think about the hard times differently in WellDoing Magazine.

How To Change How You Think About the Hard Times

How we respond to life’s challenges makes all the difference We have coaches available to support you – find yours here “It shouldn’t be like this. It shouldn’t be this hard. I shouldn’t be struggling.” Sometimes our biggest struggle with struggle is the fact that we’re struggling. Why is this so hard?

Grace Marshall talks about Struggle in Forbes

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‘It’s where we step outside of the familiar, into new territory, or go beyond our comfort zone and into the stretch zone. Where there are no guarantees, and ‘success’ is uncertain and far into the horizon.’

Grace Marshall, author of Struggle, talks to Forbes about a new way of thinking about struggle.

Why We Struggle With Struggle

We all know that struggle is an inevitable part of life. But despite our many stories of overcoming adversity, struggle remains a taboo. We speak to Grace Marshall, the author of a new book Struggle, where she asks the question: have we got it all wrong about getting it wrong?

The Long Win named as one of the Daily Mail’s Sports Books of the Year

Daily Mail

Roger Alton names Cath Bishop’s The Long Win as one of the Daily Mail’s Sports Books of the Year.

You CAN be a winner, even when you lose

Roger Alton makes his picks for the best books focusing on sport from 2020 British literary critic picked out tomes to suit all budgets this Christmas Among the picks are The Hurt by Dylan Hartley and The Long Win by Cath Bishop by Neville Southall (HarperCollins £20, 304pp) One of the most surprising books by a footballer, and a massive corrective for anyone who thinks that all players worry about is the colour of their new Maserati.

The Long Win named as one of FT’s Business Books of the Year

Financial Times

Cath Bishop‘s The Long Win is named as one of the Financial Times‘s Best Business Books of 2020.

Best books of 2020: Business

Former diplomat and Olympic oarswoman Bishop argues, from her own and others’ experience, that a zero-sum approach to winning can be counter-productive. Instead, by being clearer about what matters, and concentrating on personal growth and collaboration, it is possible to achieve a more fulfilling, longer-lasting success.

Cath Bishop in The Telegraph

The Telegraph

Cath Bishop, author of The Long Win, speaks to Telegraph Sports about why our obsession with winning doesn’t always serve us.

Former GB rower Cath Bishop – ‘I was left with that sort of perennial silver-medal torment’

“I basically retired,” she says. “I was a mess. I tried to come back after a bit of a break, but I was just destroyed by my self-belief. I was defined by the Sydney performance. Nobody said, ‘Now let’s see what we can do’.”

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Andy Salkeld in Business Matters Magazine

Business Matters

Business Matters features an article from Andy Salkeld, author of Life is a Four-Letter Word, highlighting the importance of talking about mental health at work.

Five ways to help employees struggling with mental health

Everyone has their own journey to undertake and their own paths to follow. Even the people trying to act as guides or help others along their path need to follow their own at times. Remember that this isn’t just about employees; this includes employers, management, leadership and everyone in between.