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Publication date: May 16, 2023
Extent: 240 pages

Remarkable Business Growth

Your blueprint for 7 figures and beyond

Richard Mawer


‘This book is a secret weapon, providing clarity and confidence in scaling to seven figures’
Sebastian Bates, The Warrior Academy

The average B2B business takes 5 years to double its revenue; remarkable businesses double revenue every 12 months. In Remarkable Business Growth, Richard Mawer reveals how you can make YOUR B2B business remarkable and unlock predictable 7-figure business growth.

You know you need proven strategy, processes and systems to be successful. What you’re missing is the secret of making your business remarkable at every touchpoint, a business that your customers not only use, but love and remark upon.

From working with hundreds of business owners and building eight businesses of his own, Richard has developed the STEPS Growth method, to give business owners a step-by-step blueprint of processes and principles to put in place the five strategies, processes and systems that a modern business needs to grow predictably towards seven figures and beyond.


A must for any business person, as a guide or as a reminder and refocusing tool. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


Insightful and well-written with plenty of practical takeaways.



Growth is one thing. Remarkable growth is even more complex and requires hard work, skill and a plan. This book is your plan. Dan Tyre, Sales Director of HubSpot

Today’s buyers have changed, and you must evolve your marketing and sales if you want to grow your business. In his book Remarkable Business Growth, Richard shares what you need to evolve and how to evolve it in a structured step-by-step methodology that will guarantee you grow in a remarkable way. If you want to grow your B2B business, then you need to read this book. Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer, keynote speaker on Digital Sales/Marketing and ranked #1 LinkedIn Voices for Entrepreneurship

There are many moving parts in business. However, Remarkable Business Growth manages to distil them into a powerful playbook for predictable revenue growth. You will discover the critical role that strategy, processes and systems play in modern business. Read this book, apply it and reap the rewards. David Jenyns, founder of SystemHUB, author of Systemology

Richard’s book will have you gripped. Richard speaks from experience, having been in business for 30 years and worked with hundreds of small businesses. For many business owners they plateau and the once exciting business becomes a trap. Richard studies the data and provides practical advice. The STEPS methodology that Richard puts forward provides a blueprint of predictability in the unknown waters of entrepreneurship. This arms the small business owner with a compass. This book is a secret weapon, providing clarity and confidence in scaling to seven figures. If you are looking for reassurance, strategy and a surge of new passion to grow your business, then this book will not disappoint.’ Sebastian Bates, founder of non profit ‘Bates Foundation’, CEO of The Warrior Academy LLC

Read Richard Mawer’s Remarkable Business Growth and you’ll see your business in a new light and be left with a clear vision of how to take it to the next level. Richard Warrilow, founder of Declaration Ltd

I really enjoyed reading Remarkable Business Growth. It exceeded my expectations in that Richard has provided a comprehensive roadmap to help businesses grow from being one of the many turning over £350–500k, to that much rarer seven-figure business. Austen Hempstead, owner of Selling is a Skill

Remarkable Business Growth has all those essential business ideas that we all know we need but never have the time to implement. Richard’s book lays it all out in clear, easy to understand terms, so much so that there’s really no excuse for not executing them.’ David Allen, owner of Allen Signs

Richard’s knowledge and expertise in business growth through inbound marketing and sales is immense. Having so much actionable information on business growth in his book Remarkable Business Growth is wonderful, it allows me to identify what needs to be done and then go and apply this knowledge to my business – incredible! Gary Davies, owner of GD Photography

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Richard’s new book Remarkable Business Growth and can honestly say it is a real page turner! The conversational tone made me feel as though he was in the room with me. Richard’s tips, practical advice, and methodology of identifying the process of remarkable growth in simple, clear steps are perfect. Tony Smith, Director of Genius Technology Solutions

Through this book, Richard lays out his systematic and essential formula to develop and implement effective strategy for business growth, whilst encouraging the reader to continually seek and thrive for more “remarkable” results. Richard Bell, Director of Neuro Education


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Foreword By Dan Tyre


Part One: Building A Remarkable Seven Figure Business

Chapter 1 – Being Remarkable Matters

Why seven figures is an important milestone in business

The 5 phases of business growth

The world has changed, has your business?

The remarkable principle of differentiation

Summary & Exercise #1 – Your remarkable audit

Chapter 2 – The Strategy Principle

Strategy drives your tactics

Start by getting specific with your revenue goals

Your strategy within a strategy

Identify your challenges, gaps and opportunities

Summary & Exercise #2 – Your revenue goals

Chapter 3 – The Process Principle

Designing the engine to drive predictable business growth

5 critical areas to process in your business

7 steps to setting up remarkable processes


Exercise #3 – Free your time and your growth will follow

Chapter 4 – The Systems Principle

Remarkable businesses systemise before they optimise

Are you leveraging technology for scale?

The importance of creating a connected system

Your single source of truth to measure, monitor and record every touchpoint

Summary & Exercise #4 – Audit your tech stack

Part Two: Remarkable Execution – The STEPS Growth Method

Chapter 5 – STEPS – Principle 1 – Strategy – Phase 1

Creating your remarkable growth strategy

Setting your strategic objectives

Identifying your target market

Understanding the market place

Building out your product offerings

Exercise #5 – Your primary buyer persona

Chapter 6 – STEPS – Principle 1 – Strategy – Phase 2

The remarkable Marketing Plan – Your lead generation machine

The unstoppable Sales Plan – Predictable customer acquisition

Talent recruitment plan

Delightful operational delivery

Remarkable service and support

System development

Metrics, analytics and reporting


Exercise #6 – Get started with you strategy planning

Chapter 7 – STEPS – Principle 2 – Traffic

Highly targeted traffic creates highly engaged leads

Organic traffic generation

Social media traffic

Paid traffic


Exercise #7 – Keyword research and content schedule

Chapter 8 – STEPS – Principle 3 – Engagement

Remarkable engagement converts into natural sales conversations

Turn your website into a hub of valuable content and insights

Optimise your website for conversions

Engage on social media the right way

Regular emails need to be at the heart of your lead nurture campaigns

Optimising your sales engagement


Exercise #8 – Complete your content creation grid

Chapter 9 – STEPS – Principle 4 – Promoters

Delighted customers naturally turn into promoters of your business

Engage regularly with your clients and customers

Survey your customers to constantly improve what you do

Create products for your customers

Ensure every happy customer leaves a review for you

Make your clients the stars by producing case studies on their success

Request testimonials from your customers

Ask your customers for referrals


Exercise #9 – Call 5 of your customers in the next week

Chapter 10 – STEPS – Principle 5 – Systems

Build a connected single source of truth at the heart of your business

Your CRM is your single source of truth

Build and develop a modern growth driven website

Marketing tools and software

Give your sales team the tools to close deals and drive revenue

Delighting your customers with remarkable delivery

Constant improvement and evolution through service and support

Finance – Cloud based accounting software


Exercise #10 – Set up your CRM

Chapter 11 – Metrics That Matter

The power of digital is that you can measure everything

Growth metrics and revenue goals

Website traffic metrics

Marketing metrics

Sales metrics

Service metrics


Exercise #11 – Set up 5 growth dashboards and reports

Chapter 12 – Your Remarkable Seven Figure Roadmap & Tips For Success

Anyone can build a remarkable seven figure business

Your roadmap to £1m turnover and beyond

My top 5 tips for remarkable success

The secret weapons of depth, focus and accountability


Exercise #12 – Start your £1m roadmap today

Conclusion – There Has Never Been A Better Time To Build A £1m Business


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Paperback / 9781788604291 / May 16, 2023 / £14.99

Ebook / 9781788604314 / March 13, 2023 / £7.99

Paperback and eBook Bundle / £16.99


Richard Mawer

Richard Mawer is the founder and CEO of Ignite Growth, a business growth consultancy. He works exclusively with B2B clients who feel they are stuck around £350 – 500k and want to scale to £1m turnover and beyond. Over the past 30 years he has grown eight of his own businesses and helped hundreds of business owners to grow theirs, including one client who he worked with through to a £28m exit and another through to an £8m acquisition.
He is an expert in business strategy, process and systems and, over the past decade has developed the STEPS Growth Method to give business owners a step-by-step approach to growing a “remarkable” business that is resilient to fluctuations in the economy, attracts a constant stream of new clients and allows the owner to grow the business that they deserve, whether that be a £1m lifestyle business or an 8-figure performance business.