Felicity Cowie featured on Lionesses of Africa

‘I define media relations as ‘working with journalists to gain unpaid news coverage’.’

Felicity Cowie, author of Exposure, is featured on Lionesses of Africa talking about media relations and how it is different from public relations.

What Exactly is Media Relations? – Lionesses of Africa

by Felicity Cowie, The Media Relations Coach Media relations is frequently muddled up with public relations and that is very unhelpful for businesses seeking media coverage. Fundamentally, media relations is about working with journalists . Whilst the intention is to ultimately reach the public (

Helen Beedham in Business Age

Business Age

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, is featured in Business Age talking about how we can make time work better at work.

Business Age

When did you last get a good stretch of uninterrupted time at work? A normal working day for most people is filled with calls, meetings, impromptu requests, urgent deadlines, high email volumes and messages pinging in across a variety of channels.