Lucy Werner on ‘The Futur with Chris Do’ Podcast

Lucy Werner, author of Brand Yourself and Hype Yourself featured on the  ‘The Futur with Chris Do’ podcast

222 – The art of PR – with Lucy Werner

Listen to this episode from The Futur with Chris Do on Spotify. Lucy Werner wears many hats: public relations (PR) expert, business owner, author, coach, and mother. She is the founder of The Wern, a PR agency and design shop for startups, entrepreneurs, and independent brands.

Hadrien Chatelet hosting for Adobe LIVE France

Hadrien Chatelet,  co-author of Brand Yourself, (with Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself ) is hosting an Adobe LIVE event and has four more live events scheduled over the next few months. Lucy, has also recorded for a brand new Adobe podcast coming out later in the year / early next year called Humans of the Creator Economy.

Adobe Live | Adobe Express avec Hadrien Chatelet | Adobe France

En savoir plus sur Adobe Express : Hadrien Chatelet est passionné de couleurs, auteur à succès de Brand Yourself et designer d’image de marque primé. À 17 ans, le street art militant dans sa ville natale de Nice l’a conduit à son premier emploi rémunéré en tant que décorateur aux Galerie Lafayette.

Lucy Werner in Forbes

Forbes logo

‘…guard whose words you internalise very carefully. “If they are not living the life you want, don’t take their advice,”’

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and (with Hadrien Chatelet) Brand Yourself, is quoted in Jodie Cook’s Forbes article where Jodie explores ‘The 3 Pieces Of Advice Entrepreneurs Would Give Their Former Selves’.

The 3 Pieces Of Advice Entrepreneurs Would Give Their Former Selves

Most entrepreneurs are scrambling around trying every path hoping that one leads somewhere good. The ones who reach that place look back and connect the dots. I asked entrepreneurs what advice they would give their former selves and their answers split into three key categories.

Lucy Werner in The Times

‘…due to the increased digital nature of our business, we didn’t need to be tied down to one place and we could work abroad.’

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and (with Hadrien Chatelet) Brand Yourself, talks with Georgia Lambert in The Times about starting an online consultancy and leaving the UK.

Our lockdown business success allowed us to move to France

My husband, Hadrien, and I met in London in 2015, when we both worked in marketing [says Lucy Werner, 39]. We moved into a terraced home in Homerton in Hackney, east London, in 2016. In 2017, we had our first son. However, in 2019, during the pregnancy of our second child, life got more difficult for us.

Hype Yourself is this month’s Making Good read

Making Good Book Club

Lucy Werner‘s Hype Yourself is featured in the Making Good Book Club, have a listen!

113: Hype Yourself by Lucy Werner (Making Good Book Club #5) – Making Good: Small Business Podcast

Join me and my book club co-host, Charelle Griffith , for the 5th edition of Making Good Book Club! Today we’re diving into a conversation about ‘Hype Yourself’ by Lucy Werner. Consider this book your instruction manual on how to do PR for your small business.

Practical Inspiration triumphs at the Business Book Awards 2022

Practical Inspiration authors at the Business Book Awrards

This year’s Business Book Awards gala evening took place on 16 May, celebrating the best business books from around the world published in the previous year. The finalists in 15 categories had been selected by a distinguished panel of judges from over 300 titles submitted by traditional and independent publishers, and even some self-published titles.

Practical Inspiration Publishing had an incredible 11 titles shortlisted, and the evening was very much about celebrating that achievement. However we were delighted to discover that Practical inspiration authors took the top award in two categories!

Congratulations to all the authors involved, and particularly to the award winners:

Start Up/Scale Up: Michael BuckworthBuilt on RockRob KerrProject FutureDavid PattisonThe Money Train
Sales & Marketing: Lucy Werner and Hadrien ChateletBrand Yourself
Business Self-Development: Janie Van HoolThe Listening Shift
Work & Life: Grace MarshallStruggleJo RichardsonIgnite
Wellness & Wellbeing: Sarah KuipersThe Thriving Giver
Short Business Book: Ruth Murray-Webster and Eleanor WintonThe Disruption Game Plan
Specialist Business Book: Jo Filshie BrowningScientifically Speaking
Business Journey: Babs OmotowaFrom Storeroom to Boardroom

Start Up/Scale Up: David PattisonThe Money Train
Business Self-Development: Janie Van HoolThe Listening Shift

Lucy Werner in Stylist Magazine

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‘I’ve got more confidence to step away from what others are doing and forge my own path.’

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and co-author of Brand Yourself, is featured in Stylist Magazine talking about her experience of working abroad.

Work with a view: 7 women on what it’s like to work remotely while travelling the world

Skip to content Travel Written by Leah Sinclair background Layer 1 Add this article to your list of favourites Remote working has offered people the flexibility to work from anywhere with a decent wifi connection – and these women are taking full advantage of that by travelling to some of the most beautiful places in the world and working while they’re at it.

Practical Inspiration authors dazzle at Business Book Awards shortlisting

Business Book Awards

On World Book Day, we celebrated by congratulating all the finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards (with commiserations to those who missed out – the competition was fierce and there was much heated discussion!). It was a particular proud day for Practical Inspiration Publishing, with ELEVEN  of our authors shortlisted this year.

Our finalists are, by category:
Start Up/Scale Up: Michael Buckworth, Built on Rock; Rob Kerr, Project Future; David Pattison, The Money Train
Sales & Marketing: Lucy Werner and Hadrien Chatelet, Brand Yourself
Business Self-Development: Janie Van Hool, The Listening Shift
Work & Life: Grace Marshall, Struggle; Jo Richardson, Ignite
Wellness & Wellbeing: Sarah Kuipers, The Thriving Giver
Short Business Book: Ruth Murray-Webster and Eleanor Winton, The Disruption Game Plan
Specialist Business Book: Jo Filshie Browning, Scientifically Speaking
Business Journey: Babs Omotowa, From Storeroom to Boardroom

See the full shortlists for each category here. Winners will be revealed on 16 May, 2022.

We’re keeping EVERYTHING crossed!


Lucy Werner in The StartUp

The StartUp

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and, with Hadrien Chatelet, Brand Yourself, shares her process for writing top-rated, bestselling business books with The StartUp.

How to Write a Business Book around Running Your Business

The tips and tricks you need to break down the writing process and get the words down. I would trot off like Bill Gates on his reading week and lock myself in a cabin to knock out my books in an ideal world. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and I’ve got bills to pay.

Lucy Werner is interviewed in The Table Read

The Table Read

Q: When did you take a step to start writing?
A: Joining Alison Jones’s 10-day book proposal challenge!

Lucy Werner, author of Hype Yourself and (with Hadrien Chatelet) Brand Yourself, shares her business-book-writing journey in this interview with The Table Read.

Author Interview – Lucy Werner – Brand Yourself I interviewed PR expert and author Lucy Werner about her career, what inspired her to start writing, and the work that went into her books; Brand Yourself and Hype Yourself. Hey, I’m Lucy Werner. I’m a PR geek, live in east London with the co-founder of my two children and my cockapoo Arlo.