Category: Business, Self-development
Publication date: May 14, 2020
Extent: 304 pages

Life is a Four-Letter Word

A Mental Health Survival Guide for Professionals

Andy Salkeld


Do you ever feel you’re a fraud and about to be found out?

Do you feel an expectation to keep going and to be strong?

Do you ever think what it would be like to just… ‘STOP’?

You’re not alone. Mental ill health impacts one in four people every year, and professionals in high-pressure jobs are especially vulnerable.

Life is a Four-Letter Word is a mental health survival guide for professionals, from a high-flying Big 4 accountant who’s struggled with depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts and learned a lot along the way.

Andy now advocates positive action around mental health, working closely with business leaders across the UK to help them build mentally healthy cultures. He is a renowned speaker and writer on mental health, entrepreneurship and finance.


A searingly honest and surprisingly funny account of living with depression and anxiety whilst trying to survive the world of professional services.

A brilliantly insightful book, useful for any situation, but particularly at the moment! A must read for professionals…

Serious with sensitive humour at the same time. This book is for anyone that has ever struggled with imposter syndrome and depression. It is also for anyone that is struggling with their mental health. Very easy to read.

Great book, thoroughly recommend

Unbelievable read, would highly recommend.

Serious with sensitive humour at the same time. This book is for anyone that has ever struggled with imposter syndrome and depression. It is also for anyone that is struggling with their mental health. Very easy to read.

An open, very honest account of mental health struggles in the workplace. Well written, open and very, very frank. A good read. highly recommend.

A very humorous perspective on a very serious subject told in an engaging way. This book is not just for those struggling with living in a difficult world but for everyone that manages and interacts with people. Andy manages to use his experience to give advice to those who may be suffering with mental health issues but also to those who maybe don’t know how to deal with friends and colleagues who are in this position. Overall, a really well written, engaging and honest account.

Working in accountancy I can relate to many things in this book. Never looked at it from the perspective that Andy portrays. I found this book funny, insightful and a very addictive read. A must read for anyone thinking of going down the same path. But if you are completely free of this world you’ll still get a lot from this book. Honest and open and picked me up massively when things got difficult in lockdown.

‘This book is not forced, its not as polished as others, its raw and REAL, and doesn’t succumb to the mainstream mental health books – its a few quid and a few hours of your time – honestly, just grab it, it could change your life’



FOREWORD A NOTE FROM CHRIS ETHERINGTON A NOTE FROM JONATHAN EDGELEY PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ONE: My Own Worst Enemy Understanding Mental Health Our Inner Voices, Critics and Conversations Introductions TWO: Spoon Theory and Thermodynamics Spoon Theory The Conservation of Energy One Fine Day The Hero of Time One Mind, One Body, One Cup THREE: High School Never Ends Standing Out from the In Crowd Cultures and Cliques: Bullying, Belittling and Banter Your Comfy Pants FOUR: Promotion, Premonition and Making a Plan White Collars Can’t Jump Long-Term Incentives Promotion Time!
FIVE: Thinking Big Picture in a Detail-Orientated World The World Is Not Your Oyster Regretting Regretting Do Not Blame Past You SIX: Risk, Reward, Redundancy and Repetition Closed Doors, Opened Windows and Hurricane Glass Data-Driven Decisions Scooby-Doo Rabbit Holes and Through the Looking Glass SEVEN: Breaking the Stigma Whilst Carrying Stigmata The Hell that Is My Life The Science of Selling Yourself Short In the End The Weight of Shame EIGHT: Fuck It and Go Find Your Ikigai That Moment We’re Half-Way There Three Quarter Pounder The Full Package NINE: Learning to Love Lemons Because You’re Sick of Lemonade Disney Lied to Us! Life Is Shit but You Don’t Have to Be IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO ME IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO SOMEONE



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Andy Salkeld

Andy Salkeld is a ‘Big 4’-trained Chartered Accountant. He specialised in the complex field of corporate finance before moving into the private sector to focus on business intelligence and analytics. He now brings his professional expertise to the Leeds technology and start-up scene, helping new business to employ best practice as they grow. He is an investor and Director at a newly founded technology company with the ambitious goal of ‘helping the high street fight back against online’ whilst also ‘building location-centric communities’.

Andy has also knowingly lived with depression for most of his life. Struggling with his work in his 30s, distant from his family and feeling unable to connect with anyone, he was just at his lowest point when his wife left him. He came within moments of taking his own life.

He now advocates positive action around mental health, giving his signature ‘Breaking the Stigma’ talk at a wide range of market-leading international organisations. He works closely with business leaders across the UK, delivering talks, workshops and coaching across their offices as they strive to build mentally healthy cultures.

Andy promotes his work through his own website and is known as an expert in mental health, entrepreneurship and finance around Leeds; appearing on local and national TV and radio and speaking and writing regularly on the subject.