Dreading Monday? Feeling stuck in your career? Frustrated with your boss?

Here’s the ouchy (but awesome) bit: The only person who can fix it is you.

Beth Stallwood is a sought-after coach, facilitator, speaker and consultant, specialising in helping people find more joy at work, and helping organisations nurture their people. She’s distilled years of experience into the practical WorkJoy toolkit, inspiring you to take ownership of your working life by:

  • Breaking free from ‘work/life balance’ and un-blurring your boundaries
  • Reframing relationships with your organisation, boss and support squad
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and crafting big goals that won’t go in the bin

You’ll spend more than a third of your lifetime working, so there’s no better time to take the wheel and start creating more WorkJoy than right now.

Coaching Outdoors

Coaching Outdoors offers a journey of professional development, personal development and enriched wellbeing.

Coaching Outdoors supports practitioners to step outside and make the most of what nature can offer the coach, client, organisation and planet.
It contains essential practical advice and activities, together with engaging case studies and research – all laid out in an accessible and logical format.

Discover how to:

  • Articulate the benefits of coaching outdoors from a place of experience
  • Contract for psychological safety outdoors
  • Resource themselves in nature
  • Collaborate with nature as a coaching co-facilitator
  • Engage with nature when working remotely with clients

Coaching Outdoors is the first handbook specifically on the value of coaching with nature. It is an invitation to leave the fast-paced, technology-focused world and reconnect with what really matters, in an environment where we were born to thrive.

LESLEY ROBERTS BEd, MSc is an executive coach and adventurer who has been coaching outdoors since 1999. Her academic research focused on how nature can support coach and client. After 16 years with Mars Inc she founded Brave Conversations, working with global teams and individuals to unlock their potential. In 2019 she founded Coaching Outdoors to bring the benefits of partnering with nature to as many people as possible.

Own Your Day

Are you a manager, stuck between pressure from senior leadership and the needs of your team? Do you sometimes feel that you’ve been robbed of your power, your influence… and your ability to actually achieve anything?! It’s time to Own Your Day.

This practical collection of simple tools and techniques will enable you to successfully navigate the current environment. Based on first-hand experience from hundreds of organizations, Own Your Day provides an easy-to-apply mix of real-life case studies and specific guidance on the things that matter most to managers.

  • Balancing strategy and delivery
  • Preparation vs planning
  • Developing and using your influence
  • Being your authentic self
  • Getting the best out of yourself and others
  • Implementing change successfully
  • Reclaim your autonomy, step into your authority, and Own Your Day.

DIANA MARSLAND is a coach, mentor, lecturer and researcher focused on organizational behaviour and the impact of digital technology in the workplace. Her varied career has included roles in organizations as diverse as Halifax plc, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Fidelity Investments and the NHS.

JULIE NERNEY is a serial entrepreneur, transformation expert, CEO, NED, Chair, lecturer and public speaker. With experience of every stage of organizational life, from start up through to disposals and acquisitions, she is a passionate advocate for authentic, purposeful leadership.

Governing with Purpose

Nothing really prepares you for what it’s like to become a board trustee of a charity you believe in; nothing, that is, until now.

This book talks you through how to become a brilliant board trustee, carry out your roles effectively and even enjoy the experience.

Written by a current board member, for boards and their trustees, each chapter outlines the key approaches to take to become part of an empowered and brilliant board. Discover the principles of Governing with Purpose, and find out why governance and leadership are core values for board trustees.

Above all, it speaks to the value of your role in leading a charity to achieve its objectives.

Brian Cavanagh has over 25 years’ experience of governance and leadership in the public sector in Scotland. He is the CEO of Calibrate, a mentoring consultancy specializing in strategic leadership and board governance for the charity sector in UK and Ireland. Brian chairs an SME in Scotland and is a board member of a housing association in Ireland.

Transform to Outperform

Ever wonder how to achieve extraordinary results in a disruptive world? Exceed your own expectations and those of your competitors by unleashing your superpower. Learn how to develop your best self, build your brand, influence, engage others and transform your team and organization’s results.

In Transform to Outperform: 7 powers to transform you, your team and your results, Susie Robinson reveals practical steps towards personal, team and organization transformation, and seven powers that help you deliver extraordinary performance. Leadership is transforming outcomes, it begins with the release of personal power, activated, and amplified by goal and process power. When the right conditions are created, a performance double helix occurs between the leader and their team – people power. Those leaders who embed a concern for people, accountability, customer intimacy and excellence create culture power and a corresponding flywheel effect; an ever-increasing performance momentum which is sustained with smart power and staying power.

Informed by the latest developments in psychology, neuroscience, and performance science, this is a powerful guide to personal development and life transformation as well as a manual for modern leadership and a practical, innovative route through the maze of leading change.

Growing the Elephant

‘Amazing book: Clever, insightful, relevant, and actionable.’ Dave Ulrich

If you find discussions of inequality painful, aggravating, exhausting, or even scary, it’s time to explore the elephant.

Growing the Elephant is the story of Advantage – Earned and Unearned. Earned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we know. Work hard – get rewarded; form relationships – get opportunities. But while anyone can earn Advantage, some have more opportunity than others. That’s the story of Unearned Advantage.

Unearned Advantage is the part of the Elephant we avoid. It is so hard to talk or even think about that those with it ignore or deny it while those without it are exhausted or incensed by it.

Growing the Elephant is for anyone working to increase innovation, performance, and inclusion by building practices and mindset to meet and stay with what’s difficult. It is for leaders and contributors at any level and those who help them build and sustain diversity, equity and inclusion.

A seasoned human resources executive, CHRIS ALTIZER, MBA, MA consults and coaches executives and lectures on business, management. and inclusive leadership. He has led teams and worked with senior leaders across industries around the globe. His research and work have been published in journals and covered by Forbes Magazine. Chris practices and teaches mindfulness, yoga, and martial arts.
GLORIA JOHNSON-CUSACK, MPA, is a servant leader and changemaker who consults to leadership teams and boards of public and private foundations committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in education, financial security, and health. She lectures at Columbia University and serves as Board Chair of the Firelight Foundation supporting communities in Africa. She holds degrees from American University and Columbia University.

Exploratory Writing

‘A really powerful book.’ – Bruce Daisley

Simple tools, extraordinary results.

Everything we’re learning about how we function best as humans in the digital age is pointing towards one of our oldest technologies: the pen and the page.

Exploratory writing – writing for ourselves, not for others, writing when we don’t know exactly what it is we want to say – is one of the most powerful and lightweight thinking tools we have at our disposal. It’s also been, until now, one of the most overlooked.

But the world’s most influential leaders are increasingly using the techniques in this book to support the key skills of the 21st century – self-mastery, creativity, focus, solution-finding, collaboration – and so can you.

Alison Jones has been helping business leaders identify and articulate what matters over a 30-year career in publishing and as a coach. The founder of Practical Inspiration Publishing and host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast and community, she is passionate about the power of writing to change ourselves and the world.

Getting On

You’ve come this far… How do you move your career forward from here?

Once you reach middle to senior level in your profession, you require different skills to allow you not only to carry out your day-to-day role effectively and positively, but to also continue your career progression and fulfil your potential.

Simply being technically proficient and having expert knowledge isn’t enough any more. You need to develop other capabilities related to communicating, engaging with others and dealing with every professional scenario effectively and confidently.

This book will help you master these skills to successfully navigate your current role and prepare for your next, so that you can increase your job satisfaction and progress your career.

Joanna Gaudoin helps bright, knowledgeable people with great technical skills and experience improve their non-technical skills, so they progress their careers and boost their firm’s performance. She has run her business for over a decade and has worked with thousands of people, both individually and in groups. Now she wants to help YOU stand out and develop the skills you need to succeed.

Don’t Fix Women

‘Read this and be the change that’s needed’ Prof Helen Pankhurst CBE

Struggling to find ways to retain and reward women and meet your diversity targets? Wondering why your female-led diversity initiatives are not working?

Don’t Fix Women reveals how achieving gender balance at work isn’t about ‘fixing’ the women, it’s about changing the system. Packed with simple, practical recommendations, this book provides a route-map to improve gender equality in your organization, develop a truly diverse, modern leadership culture, and reap the rewards that this brings.
Be informed: Learn from over 100 senior business leaders and CEOs about what they are doing to accelerate progress towards gender equality.
Be ahead of the game: Access research data, new tools and frameworks for your leadership kitbag.
Be the change: Discover practical actions to help you make change happen in your organization today.

As a ‘curator of confidence’, and with over 70 articles published on, Joy Burnford has inspired thousands of women across the globe to find their confidence. But this is only one side of the equation. Her research makes it clear that making women more confident isn’t enough: we also need to change the organizations they work for to clear the path for true gender equality.

Tame Your Tiger

Does your product business feel unpredictable, slightly terrifying, and hungry for money?
If so, you’re not alone.

Retail is the fastest growing small business sector, and for good reason. With accessible selling technology and billions of people shopping online, reaching your ideal customer is easier than ever before.

But the truth is that making money in a product business is harder than it first appears. And without profits, your business becomes incredibly difficult to manage and almost impossible to grow.

Fortunately for you, big retailers have spent decades developing methods of monitoring profit margins, forecasting and growing sales and managing stock to maximise their bottom line.

In this book, small-business retail expert Catherine Erdly shows you how to easily apply those big business tools and perspectives to understand your business, get clear on what you need to do to grow profitably, and, ultimately, tame your tiger.