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Publication date: December 5, 2023

Success Frames

Why learning from success is the key to understanding what motivates and inspires us

Rob Hatch


Failure is failing us.

The long-held notion of learning from our failures doesn’t work. At best, it leaves us with a long list of what to avoid instead of giving us a way to achieve our goals.

Success isn’t achieved by not doing something; it is achieved through a series of deliberate actions.

This book provides a practical framework for understanding the unique motivations, habits, and behaviors that enable us to accomplish anything and develop a personal framework for future success.

Using compelling research and engaging stories, best-selling author and business coach Rob Hatch reveals how to go beyond the notion of strengths and what we do well to understand the specific decisions, behaviors, and actions enabling us to achieve our goals on our terms.


Foreword –

Introduction –

Section One – Formulas Don’t Fit

Chapter One – Frameworks, not FormulasFormulas are not a one-size-fits-all solution to achieving our goals. Developing a framework for approaching challenges is more sustainable and inclusive. Frameworks accommodate individual differences and better utilize our unique strengths.

Chapter Two – The Forces at Play – Don’t Grieve the GrindOur celebration of the hustle and grind culture is harming us and the culture of our organizations. It is simply not sustainable for individuals and creates a cycle of failure. In organizations, it no longer fits with our efforts to be more equitable and inclusive, and we need to let go of the notion that it is the only path to success.

Chapter Three – Why Failure is Failing Us – The Power of Your Past SuccessNew research shows that we learn more from our successes than our failures. Why leveraging our past achievements is the key to future success.

Section Two – Reclaiming Our Humanity

Chapter Four – Self Management in an Age of Distraction – We weren’t prepared for this.ADHD is a biological condition affecting 1 in 10 people. “Cultural ADHD” are habits that mimic many of those same symptoms. Our attention has been hijacked, and we need tools that work for us to reclaim our attention and time.

Chapter Five – Why Success is Inclusive – Shifting to What Works.Organizations hire for talent, for what people do well. However, our day-to-day expectations of ourselves and others tend to focus on improving weaknesses instead of leveraging those strengths. Personal stories of success shift our focus to what works, providing individuals the opportunity to use their unique perspectives and talents.

Chapter Six – Negotiating the Non-Negotiables – What do you need?What do you need to be successful? What environment best supports you to accomplish your goals? ‘Iron may sharpen Iron,’ but those moments are meant to be brief, not a persistent approach for achieving optimal performance. If the Great Resignation is showing us anything, it’s that we crave environments that are supportive and allow us to contribute our best work.

Section Three – Your Success Frame

Chapter Seven – Deconstructing the Stories of Our SuccessWe’ve all been successful at something. The story of how you scored high marks in particular subjects has more to tell us than your failing grades. How did you get your last job? What did you do to land your biggest client? How did you lose weight? What enabled you to stick to that exercise program? The stories of our accomplishments contain critical elements. They reveal how and why we are successful and how to do it again.

Chapter Eight – You Are the Architect of Your FrameArchitects are intentional. Their designs have a purpose. They utilize specific principles to create an experience or outcome. Likewise, your approach to accomplishing your best work requires purpose and intention rooted in principles. And you are the architect of your frame.

Chapter Nine – Your Frame – Put Success in Your WayWe can construct a repeatable framework for success. One that we can adapt to help support us in new circumstances, to accomplish new goals. Put Success in Your Way shows us how to build our framework, which optimizes our strengths to help us win at work and in life.

Next Steps – What Does That Look Like? Success Frames in Action“What does that look like?” This question is one of the most powerful tools to turn our ideas into repeatable, actionable steps for ourselves and others.

Individuals – My Success Frames

Leaders – Fostering Success Frames for Others

Organizations – The Operational Value of Success Frames



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Rob Hatch

Rob Hatch is an author and sought-after coach for business owners and executives. He brings a unique blend of knowledge and background in Human Development and experience as a successful business leader and coach.
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