Andy Salkeld

Andy Salkeld is a ‘Big 4’-trained Chartered Accountant. He specialised in the complex field of corporate finance before moving into the private sector to focus on business intelligence and analytics. He now brings his professional expertise to the Leeds technology and start-up scene, helping new business to employ best practice as they grow. He is an investor and Director at a newly founded technology company with the ambitious goal of ‘helping the high street fight back against online’ whilst also ‘building location-centric communities’.

Andy has also knowingly lived with depression for most of his life. Struggling with his work in his 30s, distant from his family and feeling unable to connect with anyone, he was just at his lowest point when his wife left him. He came within moments of taking his own life.

He now advocates positive action around mental health, giving his signature ‘Breaking the Stigma’ talk at a wide range of market-leading international organisations. He works closely with business leaders across the UK, delivering talks, workshops and coaching across their offices as they strive to build mentally healthy cultures.

Andy promotes his work through his own website and is known as an expert in mental health, entrepreneurship and finance around Leeds; appearing on local and national TV and radio and speaking and writing regularly on the subject.

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