Felicity Dwyer in Global Leaders Today

‘Connecting with yourself, others, and the wider community will help you to become a more powerful leader’

Felicity Dwyer, author of Crafting Connection is featured in Global Leaders Today.

Crafting Meaningful Connections for Effective Leadership

Written by Felicity Dwyer An important leadership skill is an ability to connect with others. Leaders need to be able to communicate at all levels both internally and externally and to inspire other people. Research shows that leaders who are both visionary and empathic are likely to be the most successful.

Felicity Dwyer in Leadership Excellence

‘Leaders can help their teams and organizations by developing their own skills and mindset, so they can support connection and open communication within their teams.’

Felicity Dwyer, author of Crafting Connection is featured in the November 2022 wellbeing issue of Leadership Excellence 

Why Should Leaders Prioritize Well-Being?

Pressure and uncertainty are realities in many of today’s workplaces and can affect the well-being of leaders themselves. Leaders may be dealing with geopolitical factors outside their control that impact the economic and business climate. And there will be day-to-day business challenges to navigate. And external pressures can affect employees, who may feel insecure or overworked.

Felicity Dwyer in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘Emotional intelligence starts with you. It’s the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions, and to regulate your emotions so that they work for you, not against you.’

Felicity Dwyer, author of Crafting Connection is interviewed by Ben Ari as part of  Authority Magazine’s series about Emotional Intelligence.

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