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Publication date: October 18, 2022
Extent: 248 pages

Crafting Connection

Transform how you communicate with yourself and others

Felicity Dwyer


Being able to connect deeply with other people will help you succeed and flourish at work and enhance your career or business development.

And more than this, meaningful connection with other people is what gives most of us true joy and a sense of purpose in our personal lives.

But connecting and communicating isn’t always easy. Perhaps we’re fearful of being judged or rejected, or we lack the confidence to speak out in a group, or to approach what we believe will be a difficult conversation.

In this thought-provoking and practical book, you’ll discover how connecting with yourself gives you a foundation for better relationships with others. You’ll find ideas that you can apply to one-to-one conversations, to group interactions such as networking meetings, teamworking and leadership, and in family and social settings.

As you progress through three dimensions of connection, you’ll build skills and confidence in relating to yourself and others.

‘Crafting Connection is a must-read guide to communication and building better relationships.’
Jess Annison, OBE. Jess Annison Coaching

‘… an elegant, accessible, and practical guide to creating a more meaningful, authentic life by deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others.’
Sarah Grant. Nutritional therapist, Gut Reaction

Felicity Dwyer is a facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker. She helps individuals, leaders and teams to connect and communicate, so that people feel heard and understood.


A comprehensive tour through improving individual interactions. I would readily recommend for the methodical and insightful approach.


Felicity Dwyer has filled this book with great ideas for how we can be better communicators. And, at the heart of this, she takes the idea of connection and explores it in three contexts. This central idea is what distinguishes this from the many other books I have read about communication… Whether it’s this clever central insight or the many practical tools that attract you to this book, I’d say there is a lot in it for everyone… It was a pleasure to read, and has some great illustrations!


It is from this slower, more reflective mindset that I think the book reveals its true splendour. Crafting Connection is more a life resource that you continually dip into and come back to, as opposed to something you just read once or skim.’



Crafting Connection is a must-read guide to communication and building better relationships. Felicity shares her deep experience and expertise through her versatile ‘3-D’ model, crafting connections on three levels: with oneself, with others, and as a community. Packed full of insights and examples, each chapter satisfies the head (through reasoned logic and evidence-based science), the heart (impactful outcomes, reflective questions), and the hands (practical guidance and activities). Highly recommended to anyone who wants to consider how they communicate and connect, whether at home, at work, or in their wider community.
Jess Annison, OBE
Jess Annison Coaching

Crafting Connection is excellent. It is very accessible and easy to read. The ideas are clearly explained, and the book gives useful and accessible tools and techniques. Felicity’s presence is just right; she shares her stories and experiences with a flavour and personality that is authentic. The concepts are valid and cogent and shared with a light touch so that it doesn’t overwhelm or interfere. It’s thought-provoking, yet not too highbrow or complex. A sensible book for sensible people. This stuff matters, and true connection with self and with others can be life-changing.
Krista Powell Edwards, BA Hons (Open) MA PgDipPM Chartered FCIPD
Author of Credible HR: The Handbook for People Professionals to Communicate with Influence and Impact

I found this book fascinating to read. Felicity does a wonderful job of sharing her extensive knowledge of effective communication and progressively helped me understand how to connect better with those I meet. To fully appreciate her advice and recommendations I will read it again – and look forward to doing so.
Jeremy Glyn
Author of Achieving Happiness is ‘Easy as ABC

I found Crafting Connection to be an elegant, accessible, and practical guide to creating a more meaningful, authentic life by deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others. I really liked the Connecting in 3D framework as it makes sense of a big topic, and because it’s simple, it’s both powerful and memorable. Once you see communication and connection through the Connecting in 3D lens, you can’t unsee it in your daily life!
The book is packed with loads of simple, easy-to-action tools. Felicity draws on a multitude of therapies and disciplines, and there is so much wisdom in Crafting Connection that even adopting a fraction of the recommendations in the book could be life-changing.
This book could help many people and I would highly recommend it.
Sarah Grant
Nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach, Gut Reaction

I really enjoyed this book; it is eminently readable. It combines intellectually sound theories with relatable stories to bring them to life. I especially liked the exercises that allowed me to apply the lessons in the course of my reading so that I finished the book with good retention of what I had read (I don’t find this with every book I read). I like the structure of the book, which leads us from connecting with ourselves, then others, and finally building a community. Felicity introduces fresh ideas to some established thinking in a way that connects the dots of effective communication for life.
Glenda Shawley
MD, Fabulous Networking

Wow, this has hit the spot very successfully. As a trainer, facilitator, coach, and counsellor myself there are many open questions in my toolbox and I love asking them of others to obtain full answers. Felicity has used appropriate questions with me in this publication. She has really caused me to think about how I communicate and connect with myself and others. This easy-to-read and understand book takes the reader on a journey about inter- and intra-communication, which will be new to many and a revision for others.
Graham Le-Gall
Author, Galleou Public Speaking and creator of The Peas of Public Speaking (R)

I’ve really enjoyed this book. I found the themes to be much deeper than I had expected, and immersed myself in all the chapters and practices throughout. There were so many thoughts and concepts that I enjoyed exploring; reading the book has had a very positive impact on me. I will definitely be recommending it to my Mindset Bookclub!
Angela Marshall
Travel Counsellor

Felicity Dwyer has the rare gifts of combining emotional acuity with practical solutions to the basic human problems of connecting and relationships. Her invaluable book, which is based on personal experience and lifelong learning, deserves to be widely read.
Nick Keith
Author of Feel it as a Man: A Fool’s Guide to Relationships

This book could not be better timed for our shouty, social media driven world where communication is often downgraded to scoring points and provoking reactions. Felicity provides a clear and insightful guide to what good communication should be. Connecting in 3D is a powerful building block which we can all benefit from using in every area of our lives. Highly recommended.
Liz Gresson
Organising Expert at All Organised for You



Welcome to Crafting Connection

SECTION 1: Connecting Within

Section Introduction


It all starts here: Presence as the gateway to connection


Body whispering: Tuning into the subtle signals of body wisdom


Does this matter? Values as your trustworthy guide


Getting out of your own way: Uncovering clarity by noticing your own thought processes


Your inner landscape: Exploring metaphor and story as a way of understanding and changing your experience of the world

SECTION 2: Connecting With

Section Introduction


I hear you: Listening as the master key to connection


I would like to be heard: The skills of assertive and respectful communication


What do you really think? Using questions to deepen connection and understanding

Chapter 9

Just imagine… Story and metaphor to engage and influence others


It’s more than words: Body and voice in the dance of connection


Expanding awareness and deepening relationships through giving and receiving feedback

SECTION 3: Connecting Beyond

Section Introduction


Finding community: engaging with deep and shallow networks


Crafting community: Building valuable connections

CHAPTER 14 Beyond the self

The art and practice of inter-connection



Connecting in 3D, PARED down






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Felicity Dwyer

Felicity Dwyer is a facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. She helps individuals and teams to connect and communicate, so that people feel heard and understood.
A lead trainer on both CMI and ILM Leadership and Management qualifications, Felicity also helps people with challenges such as managing difficult conversations, facilitating effective meetings, and navigating change. She has worked with charities, small businesses, membership bodies, and public sector health and heritage organisations.
Felicity has presented at conferences and seminars including the Association of Voluntary Service Managers, The Museums Association, and Forum Events. She leads a networking group and is a popular speaker at business networks. Her advice has been featured in publications such as Metro Online, Happiful, Yahoo Finance, and CEO Magazine.
A Time to Think Facilitator, Clean Language Facilitator, and Nia White Belt, Felicity also holds certifications in coaching, training practice, management and leadership, person-centred counselling, and the neuroscience of change. She is a Member of the Association for Coaching and the Chartered Management Institute, and a Fellow of the RSA.
Felicity’s own lifelong commitment to personal development has introduced her to some powerful transformative practices. The methods that she uses in her own life and shares through her workshops and coaching are evidence based, creative and effective. And she teaches them in a practical and accessible way.