Category: Self-development
Publication date: October 18, 2022
Extent: 248 pages

Crafting Connection

Transform how you communicate with yourself and others

Felicity Dwyer

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Being able to connect deeply with other people will help you succeed and flourish at work and enhance your career or business development.

And more than this, meaningful connection with other people is what gives most of us true joy and a sense of purpose in our personal lives.

But connecting and communicating isn’t always easy. Perhaps we’re fearful of being judged or rejected, or we lack the confidence to speak out in a group, or to approach what we believe will be a difficult conversation.

In this thought-provoking and practical book, you’ll discover how connecting with yourself gives you a foundation for better relationships with others. You’ll find ideas that you can apply to one-to-one conversations, to group interactions such as networking meetings, teamworking and leadership, and in family and social settings.

As you progress through three dimensions of connection, you’ll build skills and confidence in relating to yourself and others.

‘Crafting Connection is a must-read guide to communication and building better relationships.’
Jess Annison, OBE. Jess Annison Coaching

‘… an elegant, accessible, and practical guide to creating a more meaningful, authentic life by deepening the connection you have with yourself and with others.’
Sarah Grant. Nutritional therapist, Gut Reaction

Felicity Dwyer is a facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker. She helps individuals, leaders and teams to connect and communicate, so that people feel heard and understood.


A comprehensive tour through improving individual interactions. I would readily recommend for the methodical and insightful approach.


Felicity Dwyer has filled this book with great ideas for how we can be better communicators. And, at the heart of this, she takes the idea of connection and explores it in three contexts. This central idea is what distinguishes this from the many other books I have read about communication… Whether it’s this clever central insight or the many practical tools that attract you to this book, I’d say there is a lot in it for everyone… It was a pleasure to read, and has some great illustrations!


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