Eloise Skinner shortlisted in the British Business Awards

Eloise Skinner, author of The Purpose Handbook, has been shortlisted in the British Business Awards, Next Generation Entrepreneur category (One Typical Day & The Purpose Workshop)

2022 Shortlist

Accountancy Software Provider of the Year This category will recognise the accountancy software provider that best suits the needs of SMEs, with the judges considering level of innovation, impressive customer care, value for money, and a product that best assists small companies with managing their finances.

Eloise Skinner in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

Eloise Skinner, author of The Purpose Handbook, is featured in The Sunday Times talking about entrepreneurship, monasticism and changing careers.

I was a corporate lawyer by day, training as a monk by night

You are meant to turn your phone off when attending a silent retreat at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s residence, Lambeth Palace, as part of training in monastic life. But you are never meant to turn your phone off as a corporate tax lawyer at an American legal giant – a client could need you at any time.

Eloise Skinner in Forbes

Forbes logo

‘What is extraordinary is that Skinner embarked on a path to define her own sense of purpose better, only to discover that her purpose in life is to help other people discover and enact their sense of purpose.’

Eloise Skinner, author of The Purpose Handbook, talks to Dan Pontefract in Forbes about how she shifted from law to purpose-driven ventures.

How This Millennial Shifted From Law To Purpose-Driven Ventures

The world is full of lost people. They are the workers in roles where they just don’t fit. Maybe it was timing. Perhaps it was circumstantial. Laziness might even have crept in. Whatever the case, millions of people are going through the motions, unhappy in their careers and their place of work.

Eloise Skinner in the New York Times

New York Times

‘Adding a framework to your silence — by writing in a journal or listening to your breath — can make it more satisfying.’

Eloise Skinner, author of The Purpose Handbook, speaks to the NYT about the joys of solitude.

You Can Learn to Love Being Alone

Solitude doesn’t have to feel lonely. It can be restoring and refreshing with a little practice. Credit… Sally Snowman loves to be alone. As the keeper of Boston Light, a centuries-old lighthouse on Little Brewster Island in Boston Harbor, she’s had a lot of practice.

Startups features Eloise Skinner


“Reminding yourself why you’re doing your work can give you a sense of inspiration and fuel.”
Eloise Skinner, author of The Purpose Handbook, is featured in Startups.

The Entrepreneur: Eloise Skinner, One Typical Day | Startups.co.uk

As well as being the founder of an ed-tech startup and social impact consultancy, Eloise is also an existential therapist and author. We speak to her about her entrepreneurial journey. Company: One Typical Day and The Purpose Workshop Founder: Eloise Skinner Website: eloiseskinner.com Eloise is a master of all trades.