Category: Health and fitness
Publication date: October 5, 2021

The Purpose Handbook

A beginner’s guide to figuring out what you’re here to do

Eloise Skinner

Book description

Imagine waking up to start another week. In a perfect world, how would you like to feel? Maybe you imagine feeling motivated and energized. Maybe you imagine starting your week with a sense of purpose, peace and intention.

The goal of this book is simple: to help you live with a sense of purpose. Part-manual, part-manifesto, this book is not a quick fix for happiness; it’s not a five-day plan promising a fast result. Instead, it’s a companion, your personal guide to navigating your own sense of purpose as it evolves throughout your life.

Eloise Skinner is an author, psychotherapist and teacher. She’s also the founder and creator of The Purpose Workshop, an agency helping clients to discover their purpose and redesign their lives.

Born on a council estate in East London, she later studied at Cambridge and Oxford and trained as a lawyer in the city, but after some soul-searching – including a year training to be a monk – she followed her passion into psychotherapy.

Above all, she’s driven by the idea of integration – the power of bringing together all aspects of work and life; to live fully, with intention, integrity and purpose.

Edition information

Ebook 9781788602839 October 4, 2021 £7.99