Category: Self-development
Publication date: December 7, 2021
Extent: 206 pages

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

A short course in writing your own script for success in business and life

Michel Masquelier


This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal is an open and honest account of the personal and professional journey of Michel Masquelier, the man who went from being a lowly intern to the Chairman of the media division of IMG, the world’s largest sports management company.

This unique insight into the life of someone who was at the very heart of the sports industry for 35 years is filled with colourful, larger-than-life anecdotes, as well as advice about how to balance professional success with a passion for life and about how – ultimately – the ingredients which help you build a good career can also bring you profound personal contentment.

Masquelier opens his heart to the reader, reflecting on many intimate and deeply moving experiences which have shaped his life, as well as providing up-close portraits of the giants who have shaped the sports industry over the last three decades.

Be inspired and seize the day!


Inspiring insight to the evolution of the sports industry, filled with larger than life anecdotes!
Michel has had such a unique and one of a kind career which has taught him invaluable life lessons. He passes on the knowledge and skills he has acquired, providing us with tips and tricks on how to succeed in business and in life!


Excellent insights into the mindset required to stay positive, engage with the world around you and make truly meaningful connections with everyone you meet in life.



‘An essential guide for all ambitious young people searching to reach their dreams and give them confidence to lead their life as upstanders not bystanders.’
Paul Stewart, former racing driver, Formula 1 Team co-founder: Stewart Grand Prix

‘This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal shines a motivational light on the link between happiness and success. Written with charming humility by a man preeminent in his field, it balances personal anecdotes with philosophical musings to serve up an espresso to dozing ambition.’
Jonathan Kilmartin, former Senior Vice President Strategy and Consultancy, IMG

‘In a world full of challenges, Michel’s story is quite unique. He provides genuine illustrations and advice on how to push yourself to become an achiever. Michel and I share the view that anyone can create a positive impact should they invest enough of their passion and determination.’
Keith Tuffley, Global Co-Head of Sustainability & Corporate Transitions at Citigroup, an adventurer, explorer and regular public speaker

‘Michel is an exception to the rules. In an industry where the fast lane and sharp elbows create prestige and influence as a rule, he has remained one thing above all – human. Michel’s story is an inspiration and encouragement as well as an example of loyalty and humility. I put his book in the heart of my kids.’
Patrick K. Maggya, leader in sports and education

‘Michel’s journey is a tale in and of itself. This book is worth reading simply for his anecdotes, be they personal or from the upper echelons of the sports and business worlds. Michel is a true flag-carrier of the spirit my dad communicated in his bestselling book, What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. I am so pleased that through This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal, Michel perpetuates the McCormack family legacy to generations to come.’
Leslie McCormack, former Senior International Vice President, IMG, Daughter of IMG founder, Mark McCormack

‘A modern-day Tintin who inspires us to travel and see the world from a different perspective. An inspiration for us all!’
Nick Rodwell, Head of Studio Hergé

‘For any young person feeling uncertain about their future or challenged about the lack of opportunities, this book is like a shot of passionate adrenaline. I share Michel’s motto to live life to the fullest and make the most of what you have starting from being positive and believing in yourself.’
Tom Kristensen, racing driver, record 9 times winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, FIA World Endurance Champion and Hall of Fame

‘What an entertaining inspiration… I enjoyed every chapter, every story and every message. Michel motivates us to go for it, search for purpose in our own lives. I met Michel professionally but am proud to call him my friend, and I look up to him as a father who was brave enough to leave his legacy behind!’
Norbert Teufelburger, entrepreneur and investor, co-founder and former CEO of Bwin

‘Our movement empowers children to rise above their challenges and find their way back to hope. Michel’s story shares this same philosophy. His book is inspirational, it will give confidence to the next generation to create their own success story.’
Susan McIsaac, President and CEO, Right to Play International, former Managing Director, Strategic Philanthropy at Royal Bank of Canada

‘A journey of discovery, of understanding risk, of boldness in the face of doubt. This is a book which makes one pause – time after time – and truly understand the principles upon which the world operates. Michel also explains why the institutions of learning fall short in giving tools for real success. The doers of this world count on belief, faith and optimism with an abundance of passion to do incredible, impossible things. Masquelier gives you the road map with great stories of how it worked for him – and it did work for him! I witnessed his leadership delivering:
1. extraordinary results, which engendered…
2. loyalty from large organizations which (prior to him) were lacking in any soul – and…
3. cultural enthusiasm, which meant that they…
4. suddenly dominated their competition and recruited the best talent in the space.
This is a rare look into the mind and heart of one GREAT leader. If you want to make a difference, or just rise to the top in your chosen field of true endeavor, this is the book for you. Don’t miss it.’
Dave Checketts, managing partner at Checketts Partners Investment Management, former CEO of Madison Square Garden, former President of New York Knicks




1 Where there’s a will there’s a way

2 Who are you?

3 Think positively and positive things will happen

4 Find your X-factor

5 Thinking with your heart

6 Networking without boundaries

7 The expert was once a beginner

8 The search for meaning

9 The call of duty

10 The business of love

11 Thin line between light and dark

12 No dress rehearsal




Paperback / 9781788603119 / December 7, 2021 / £12.99

Ebook / 9781788603133 / December 6, 2021 / £7.99

Paperback and eBook Bundle / £14.99


Michel Masquelier

Michel Masquelier is the former chairman of IMG Media, part of the largest sports management agency and a fortune 500 company.

Masquelier spent 35 years at the heart of the sports industry, working with organizations like the Olympic games, Wimbledon and the Premier League.

His work has brought him into contact with some of the most famous athletes in history, CEOs of blue-chip companies, as well as some of the pioneers of the media industry.

Having graduated with a degree in Law from university in Belgium, he moved to London to work his way up the ladder at IMG from intern to chairman. He built a worldwide team that shook up business of sport, with revolutionary commercial concepts and innovative business models.

One of the most charismatic, influential and respected figures in the industry, he now takes on the role of advisor to governing bodies, media organizations and private equity firms. Michel is still a compulsive networker, but his passion has shift to stimulating education, especially amongst future generations.

In the same spirit of innovation and disruption, he is involved in philanthropic projects, motivational speaking and development of educational programs for young executives. He is married with three children and lives in Switzerland.