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Publication date: May 16, 2023

Top of Heart

How a new approach to sales saved my life, and could save yours too

Grant Muller

Book description

Achievement almost killed him. Fulfilment saved him.

Grant Muller was nearly killing himself – quite literally. A desperate quest to get rich had made him a millionaire before the age of 30 but then taken him to the brink: homeless, living on drugs and hustle. If his lifestyle didn’t end him, one of the thugs he owed money to would surely do the job.

So when he finally got out of prison and got clean, he knew everything had to change. He reinvented himself, and along the way came to understand that real success in sales isn’t just about the hustle, about being top of mind. It’s about the human connections you create.

In transforming his own life, he transformed his understanding of business. Today he earns his millions as a realtor, living and working with a ‘top of heart’ philosophy, the true source of authentic connection, fulfillment and success.

His remarkable story is a call to a new, more human approach to sales that might just save YOUR life, too.

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Paperback 9781788604369 May 16, 2023 £14.99
Ebook 9781788604383 May 15, 2023 £7.99