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Publication date: January 11, 2017
Extent: 208 pages

Strip Naked and Re-dress with Happiness

How to survive and thrive through personal challenge

Maria Hocking


Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness is a handbook not only for surviving adversity, but for discovering how to thrive as a result. Maria Hocking’s own inspiring personal story is woven throughout the book, accompanied by ‘changing room tips’ – tools and techniques to help you understand your emotions and behaviours, and move through personal challenge. You’ll discover that ‘getting naked’ – losing what you used to take for granted – is an opportunity to let go of who you thought you were, and find out who you really are.

Enter the changing room to change your mind and your life. Maria is walking, talking, pen pushing proof that these tips work, because she used them to change her own life. Within every challenge lies a gift, just waiting to be discovered: this book will open your eyes to help you find it, and discover a higher level of happiness as a result.


Amazon reviews:
‘I will dip in and out of this book for a very long time. Such an easy book to read and Maria is so down to earth. I like the way Maria uses her own life experiences throughout. This book was inspiring and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you.’

‘I absolutely loved this book certainly has made me think differently to how I look at things and has helped me let go of things that are not in my control. Highly recommended read.’

‘What an inspirational woman! I think we can all relate to the author and it’s written in a easy to read style. The hints and tips help changing the way we process ‘stuff’. Definitely recommend x.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book really made me look at certain things in my life. The Author gives a very open look into her life and how she has got through all the hard times.’

‘Maria’s story is truly inspiring. Whilst we have all been through/are going through our own trials and tribulations in life, Maria’s personal growth during hers makes a fantastic and mind-opening read. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this. I certainly have!’

‘Powerful, inspirational and motivating. A must read.’

‘A truly inspiring read, written from the heart. Her story has made me laugh (out loud!) and cry. I love the changing room concept. Maria shows you how to turn any negative into a positive. I would definitely recommend this book x.’

In this book, Maria shares through her own personal narrative a vast range of techniques to ride the waves that life sends us. Emotive, funny, compassionate, creative and courageous… her story has a raw honesty that every reader can connect with, together with tangible and pragmatic… “here’s what you can do” ideas… guidance that she refers to as changing room tips…. It may be that you have not experienced exactly these challenges, but we can each relate to ups and downs in life and the choices that we have when regrouping emotionally and physically. through this book, Maria invites you to accept, embrace and grow from each and every chapter in your own personal story. Congratulations on a book well written Maria… I will recommend this book widely.’

‘Maria Hocking the author of this book takes you on a journey of her life over a period of about 20 years, sharing the lowest and highest moments, meaning one minute youre crying and the next minute you’re laughing! Interjected within her story are top tips and examples of how you can find positivity, contentment and most importantly yourself, your new self that will be the overwhelming result of transformation through any personal challenges and difficulties. Using a ‘changing room’s analagy you literally feel as though you are ‘stripping naked’ as you make your way through the book and by the end you are redressed or at least ready to redress and experience life differently to how you ever have done. This is truly an inspiring and motivating read that everyone should be excited to pick up and read so that they took can embark on a journey of transformation!’

‘Not only is Maria an absolutely lovely and beautiful person, which I experienced when I was lucky enough to meet her, but she is a fantastic writer also.
This book is informative as well as inspirational and heartwarming, allowing you to connect with Maria as a person but also gain a new understanding of your own life, helping you to evaluate where you’re at and also reminding you to not sweat the small stuff!
A beautiful story, a beautiful person, and beyond helpful for anyone who feels they need help with ‘re-dressing’ at the moment 😉 No matter where you’re at in life and no matter how good or bad you feel, this book will bring you something new that will fill your heart with light, I assure you :)’

‘I defy anyone not to be inspired by Maria Hocking’s story. Oh my word! However bad you think your life is, just be grateful you haven’t had to limp in Maria’s shoes. It was a rather sobering experience to read Maria’s story as, at the time of reading, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I just have to look at Maria’s smiling face on the back of the book to give me a lift now.

Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness, through excellent concise exercises, gives you the tools to be able to look inside yourself and go back to basics. Just look at a child playing with an empty cardboard box and see how happy they are…take off your many layers of cynicism, negativity and self-doubt and go into the changing room to Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness.

I’m not going to say that Maria’s book changed my life the minute that I finished reading it as this is a book to go back to again and again, along with the resources available on Maria’s website. It has, however, changed the way that I think with simple exercises such as my favourite: random acts of kindness. Have you ever noticed how contagious a smile is? I’ve certainly noticed how contagious a bad mood is and, to my shame, I can see the mood of others around me changing to reflect my dark aura.

A sobering thought came towards the end of the book: “life is far too short to just exist” and if you take nothing else away from this book, take that one thought. We only get one life so don’t waste it by being unhappy, you have the power to change it with Maria’s help, of course.

Think of Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness as a guidebook to life and you’ll live a much fuller, happier life by using it. I know that my copy will be constantly within my sight and hopefully soon I will have a smile as true as Maria’s. Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness in one sentence: an enlightening quick read with huge rewards.’ Michelle Ryles

‘I can honestly say this is the best self help book I have read and I have read quite a few. I usually give up half way through these type of books as some of the activities can make me anxious. This book has been written with compassion and total honesty and makes you feel like you are being guided and nurtured right through the activities, which are easy to follow and such lovely exercises to do. There is a particular activity that relates to a magic box, in my mind the whole book is magic. Maria confirms the tough times she has experienced and how she has overcome them, I found myself relating these to my own experiences and have learned how you can turn difficult situations into positives. I love this book and will treasure it.’

‘I’d like to recommend this book to everyone who is lost, confused, unhappy, feels that they haven’t found the way, or themselves. And to those who are reasonably, or maybe even perfectly, happy and content.
I’m lucky enough to feel very happy and content right now, but it has been a bumpy, sometimes rocky, sometimes boulder-strewn journey. And it’s not over yet. Which is why ‘Strip Naked and Re-Dress with Happiness’ is such a welcome addition to my library.
‘Strip Naked…’ is about overcoming adversity by turning it to your advantage, about realising that sometimes you have to allow the mud to settle before you can clearly see what lies at the bottom of it all, about connecting with the power and energy of nature, and about throwing away all those ‘garments’ you wore because you thought they were you – and re-dressing with determination, and happiness.
Maria writes poignantly from personal experience.
I’m recommending you buy it, read it, and share it with others.’

‘This book made me laugh, made me cry and also made me believe there is another way to be.
I read this book in two days, (I am a fast reader but have to be engaged) and I was captivated. I don’t know how this lady is the powerhouse of positivity that she is.
This book articulates everything it is to be a survivor, to overcome adversity, not only that, but to turn it on its head.
To read a book like this humbles you, inspires you, it also makes you take a long hard look at your own life. I have been guilty of wallowing in some self-pity in the past, thinking my life was just too hard. I used it as an excuse to avoid achieving anything, I was stagnant and stuck. After finishing this I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that again.
Maria has written with eloquence, warmth and humour. She takes you through the darkest moments of her life only to guide you into the wondrous light that is Maria Hocking – life coach & motivational trainer and now Author. She may just change your life.
If Strip Naked & Redress With Happiness doesn’t touch you deeply I will be truly amazed. I know that I will never look at the stars in the same way again.’

‘Powerful, inspirational and motivating. A must read.’

‘This is a wonderful and uplifting read, which when started I couldn’t put down.
I began by crying which turned into smiling then laughing (out loud) then finished with crying again.
A unique book which gives an insight of Maria’s life, and the way she overcame difficult periods throughout, interspersed with helpful, easy and understandable ideas for anyone wanting to turn their life around. – this is Maria’s ‘changing room’.
Her true story is an inspiration, and this alone would make a lovely uplifting short play that could easily be televised !
I’m now reading it for the second time for it to sink in and make me realise how lucky I am, but can easily change things when the going gets tough. – just wish I could have read this when my dad was dying, I’m sure it would have helped me through some sad and difficult times.’

‘An inspiring and beautifully written guide to help deal with adversity. Maria uses her own journey through various challenges to highlight how we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. Written from the heart, I was throughly engaged from start to finish and have enjoyed using Maria’s thought provoking exercises to facilitate change and maintain progression in my own life. Highly recommended.’

‘This incredible life changing book is a must for anyone who has not yet achieved the life they feel would be perfect. ‘Strip naked and redress with happiness takes you on an amazing journey and teaches you how to survive and grow through life’s many challenges. Maria has written from her heart and, in a very clear and concise format.’

This book is very captivating and easy to read. Maria really takes you on the journey with her as she shares her life lessons. Part autobiography, part self-help book, this is a book that will keep you engaged and keep guiding you towards creating the happiest version of your life that you can imagine. I highly recommend this book to everybody going through life’s journey.

A thought provoking and very humbling read. This book touched my heart and soul. I found myself both laughing and crying throughout. What a journey the author has been on and I am so grateful that she chose to share her journey. This book is unlike many other books that I have read as it shares Maria’s story alongside self help tips. A wonderful combination that will encourage any reader to create positive change.


I love the analogy of using changing rooms for changing life, getting naked to redress in a different changing room. This book is full of ideas and anecdotes to enable the reader to find inspiration from many different stories including Maria’s own journey. Included within are useful changing room tips, to highlight ideas or bring deeper meaning. I loved the story about the treasure in the pond. This is a book about triumph over adversity.

– Curly Martin, International Bestselling Author, Director, Coach.


Introduction Preface Acknowledgements Getting Naked – The 1st Gift Changing Room Tip: Choose to see a nakedness as a gift
The Sound Of Solutions Changing Room Tip: Solitude = Soul in tune
What Happens To You Does Not Define You Changing Room Tips: Weaken the glue and remember you Look for laughter Mind the gap
Gratitude Is Your Gateway Changing Room Tips: Get grateful Get snap happy
Moving With Magic Changing Room Tip: Use magic to move
An Unfamiliar Outfit Changing Room Tips: Pain + Pleasure = Power Guide your mind Use your body to move your mind Face your fear Small steps create big changes
Re-Dressing Changing Room Tips: Acceptance is power Learn from others
Seeking Silver Linings Changing Room Tip: Spot the silver
Back To The Changing Room – The 2nd Gift Changing Room Tips: The most important person is you Recognise your reds
Adding More Layers Changing Room Tips: Bust your beliefs Feed your soul What you choose does not have to be where you end up Make an appointment with yourself
The 3rd Gift Go one more round Allow the soul to speak
Internal Adjustments Changing Room Tips: Use your pivot point to burn bridges Connect with your purpose
Pushing Past Limits Changing Room Tips: Show your strength and ask for help Improve your mind by being kind Make people feel important Don’t be a sheep be unique
Finding Self Love Changing Room Tips: Anything is possible
Learn to love you Keep banging on doors until one opens
Rising Higher Changing Room Tip: Who you spend time with is who you become Letting go makes room for more good stuff Create your vision and your vacuum
The Final Gift – Realignment Changing Room Tip: Align With Your Stars
Final Words

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Getting Naked – The First Gift

The Sound Of Solutions

What Happens To You Does Not Define You

Gratitude Is Your Gateway

Moving With Magic

An Unfamiliar Outfit


Seeking Silver Linings

Back To The Changing Room – The Second Gift

Adding More Layers

The Third Gift

Internal Adjustments

Pushing Past Limits

Finding Self Love

Rising Higher

The Final Gift – Realignment

Final Words

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Maria Hocking

Maria Hocking is a life coach, writer, inspirational speaker and motivational trainer. Known as the UK Life Changer, she regularly travels far and wide, enabling her clients to change their lives with her words. She has a huge knowledge within the fields of health, well-being and happiness and she walks her talk. Having been through challenging times herself, she uses her experiences and her learnings to help others.