Category: Self-development
Publication date: October 12, 2021
Extent: 232 pages

Why Weren’t We Taught This at School?

The surprisingly simple secret to transforming life’s challenges

Alice Sheldon

Book description

Discover a simple yet profound way to understand what makes you and other people tick so you can find a way through problems in ways that work for everyone: Needs Understanding.

It’s based on one simple but profound idea: we are all on a quest to meet our underlying human needs – needs like belonging, knowing we matter, fun or creativity. When you start to see yourself and others in this way, you discover exciting new answers to the challenges you face.

This book offers a simple but powerful toolkit for finding creative solutions and building relationships that work:

  • Understand the ‘fingerprint needs’ that drive your behaviour;
  • Discover 10 ways you listen that alienate other people and what to do instead;
  • Stop blaming yourself and others and fix what’s going on underneath;
  • ‘Walk around the mountain’ to find new solutions to intractable problems;
  • Empower yourself to change the world.

Alice Sheldon is the creator of Needs Understanding and shares it globally with individuals and organizations.

Edition information

Paperback 9781788602952 October 12, 2021 £14.99
Ebook 9781788602945 October 11, 2021 £7.99