Category: Self-development
Publication date: October 12, 2021

Why weren’t we taught this at school?

The surprisingly simple secret to transforming life’s challenges

Alice Sheldon

Book description

INTRODUCTION: Why weren’t we taught this at school?

1. The Surprisingly Simple Secret: Understanding the World Through the Lens of Needs

PART ONE: Listen With Empathy

2. How Not to Listen: 10 Things We Say Which Can Alienate People

3. How to Listen: Tools for Building Empathy and Connection

PART TWO: Understand Yourself With Compassion

4. What Makes You Tick?: Getting to Know Your Own Needs

5. How to Unlock Difficult Situations: Extra Tools for Tricky Self-Empathy

PART THREE: Speak to be Heard

6. Connect Through Speaking: Creating Conversations Without Barriers

7. Four Powerful Tools for Speaking: Getting Your Point Across

PART FOUR: Act With Care for Everyone’s Needs

8. Your Needs, My Needs, and a New Way Forward: Creating Strategies that Work for Everyone

9. Beyond Right and Wrong: Moving from Opposition to Collaboration

CONCLUSION: Choosing Connection in a Competitive World

A Further Thought: Needs and the Natural World


The Author On the Shoulders of Giants: Ideas that have Contributed to Needs Understanding


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