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Publication date: January 5, 2021
Extent: 252 pages

Project Future

6 Steps to Success as Your Own Boss

Rob Kerr



You want to be your own boss, but how do you make the right decision and make it happen?
The world of work is unrecognizable from when you started your career. It’s full of uncertainty, but it’s also full of opportunities.
Never has it been easier to start a business and make an impact in the world.
Taking inspiration from project management techniques, Rob Kerr shows you how to test your ideas, get clarity, and launch a successful independent career. You’ll discover:

  • THE S.O.R.T.E.D. FRAMEWORK – to get your mindset right.
  • THE I.N.P.U.T.S. FRAMEWORK – to critically analyse your business proposal.
  • THE 6-STEP F.U.T.U.R.E. METHOD – to develop and deliver your plan.

Rob Kerr had a number of false starts in his own career before finding his path. A project manager for over a decade, he set up his first business in 2014 and has since found satisfaction and balance. Now he shares his approach with aspiring entrepreneurs, contractors, and freelancers, supporting them through these critical decisions and showing them how to flourish on their own unique journey.


If you are looking to start a business and need a plan which is well structured, here it is. That is a real project plan with a step by step implementation from the stage of ideation to the stage of execution. I haven’t seen such a detailed guide before and, having the experience of all the described stages, can definitely confirm that the book is very useful!


This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to start up a new business. The FUTURE method provides a very clear process for people to follow which poses pertinent questions which need to be applied to a fledgling business venture in order for it to fulfil it’s potential. A superb book.

Just reading the contents page of this book alone, you get a huge amount of value.
The ideas, tips, and strategy are clear, exceptionally well thought through and very practical.
Really pleased I bought it and highly recommend it!

I have just finished reading this book and would highly recommend it as real kick to make 2021 be the year of doing that thing I have been putting off for years. Great guides to help begin the journey with a depth to use as reference for years to come. Find, Understand, Trial, Undertake, Review … great tips to make the. F.U.T.U.R.E happen.

This book is great step by step guide to making your ideas happen. There is no better time to be reading it.

A handy guide for anyone considering starting their own business. Excellent insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the skills most associated with success in this area.

A handy guide for anyone considering starting their own business. Excellent insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the skills most associated with success in this area.


I enjoyed this book because it helped me formulate a plan of action for starting my business. The framework and steps provided are very useful in helping you extract your business idea from your head and understand what actions you need to take to bring it to fruition. I think to get the most out of this you need to revisit the book as your idea and business develops. I plan on re-reading chapters as and when needed to ensure I am checking all the right boxes as I go along.


Project Future has been invaluable to me in launching my new business. The step by step approach enabled me to make sure I had not missed anything important, as well as provide structure to the process which at times is confusing.

In particular I valued the actions, as this made the process very real and stopped me tripping myself up had I gone full steam ahead. Whilst I have now launched my business I continue to dip into it and re-read sections to sense check my thinking.



‘Everything you need to know to prepare you for setting up a business is in this book. Until now, running a business was for those crazy enough to have an idea and take a leap of faith. In this book, Rob Kerr uses project management tools and techniques to plan and execute setting up a business. Devour every word if you want to fast-track success and prevent a lot of mistakes. A practical handbook that will guarantee success.’ Jude Jennison, Leaders by Nature Ltd, executive and team coach, author and speaker
‘The journey from employee to business owner is much more than a leap of faith. It’s a complete mindset shift. It’s like standing on the bank of a fast-flowing river with a desire to reach the other side alongside a fear of being swept downstream. I know from experience that many won’t wade into that river because of the fear of the unknown. For some that’s the right decision but for many it is something they will always regret. Kerr’s book Project Future bridges that river for aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to make the bold decision and take control of their own destiny.’ Rory Prendergast, author and business coach
‘I’ve always had the ambition of starting my own business at some point but never taken the leap or known exactly where to start. This book has helped clarify my thinking, providing well-defined frameworks and clear actionable exercises to make key decisions with confidence and create an executable plan for an exciting future. I would highly recommend it for anyone considering their own venture.’ Bryn Emans
‘A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Rob Kerr takes the principles of strategic project management and applies them in a practical, step-by-step process to help you figure out your business sweet spot. Packed full of frameworks, techniques and mindset tools you’ll make it happen and make it better.’ Bec Evans, co-founder of Prolifiko, author of How to Have a Happy Hustle: The Complete Guide to Making Your Ideas Happen and Business Book Award winner – Startup Inspiration 2020
‘The default position of any business is death. It is a risky adventure. Yes, a cheery thought. There are so many moving parts to get right that a wrong decision or move could end in disaster. Having worked with thousands of businesses the main reason is a lack of knowledge and skills of what it takes to run a business. The FUTURE Method starts to bridge that gap by providing a framework to go through. A risk is only a risk when the odds are against you. What Rob has done is to stack the odds more in the favour of the start-up, giving it every chance to succeed.’ Martin Norbury, bestselling author
‘Project Future is a really clever mix of structured project management techniques and the skills and attributes needed by an entrepreneur to start and sustain a business. The action steps ask searching questions and if the reader works through them, it will leave them with an excellent plan for taking their business idea forward… or not, depending upon the outcome.’ Lyn Bromley, Managing Director of First Impressions Training and best-selling author of Trusted
‘An exceptional book that gives you all the frameworks to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey. Full of simple but often easily forgotten advice to ensure you ask yourself the right questions at the right time and, most importantly, take action. If everyone who has done a business goal map with me reads and follows this book, their success for sure will come faster and magnify.’ Kulwinder Dhillon – Helping people set goals and use their own powerful mind,
‘Have you ever thought about setting up on your own as a freelancer or as an independent consultant but got held back by nerves or imposter syndrome? In that case, Rob Kerr’s new book Project Future is all you need to carry out a thorough self-evaluation as to whether this move would be right for you. This practical and well-structured handbook is packed full of helpful guidance and takes you on a carefully designed journey to consider all that’s required for success, from concept to cash-flow. A hugely practical guide, well worth a read for aspiring HR Independents or in fact any other budding business owner or entrepreneur.’ Lucinda Carney, CEO of Actus Software and author of How to Be a Change Superhero
‘Rob’s book provides great insight into the challenges and hurdles of starting your own company – both from an individual and business perspective. Having worked with Rob on numerous different client engagements, we can honestly say that he practises what he preaches. This book will help all budding entrepreneurs prepare themselves mentally for the challenges ahead when thinking about starting their own businesses and entering the brave new world of the self-employed. The biggest attribute that separates success from failure when starting out on your own is self-belief and a can-do attitude – both of which Rob demonstrates every day.’ Mark Bevan & Chris Charlton, Partners at Global PMI Partners, UK
‘What a brilliant book! Easy to read and well structured, it makes you really think, and plan, and is a great guide for anyone thinking about starting their own business. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ Su Britter, HR Executive




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Rob Kerr

Rob Kerr has applied project management best practice in a range of industries throughout his career, helping to bring brilliant products and services to market.

He launched his own project management consultancy in 2014 and has been reviewing and expanding his offering ever since.
He has written Project Future to ensure that others aspiring to be their own boss have the confidence to test their ideas and make it happen.
Rob believes that everyone should be empowered to create the best life they possibly can for themselves, and that critical analysis in the planning phase is vital to prospects of success.
Originally from Essex, UK, Rob lives in London with his wife and two children.