Felicity Dwyer

Felicity Dwyer is a facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. She helps individuals and teams to connect and communicate, so that people feel heard and understood.
A lead trainer on both CMI and ILM Leadership and Management qualifications, Felicity also helps people with challenges such as managing difficult conversations, facilitating effective meetings, and navigating change. She has worked with charities, small businesses, membership bodies, and public sector health and heritage organisations.
Felicity has presented at conferences and seminars including the Association of Voluntary Service Managers, The Museums Association, and Forum Events. She leads a networking group and is a popular speaker at business networks. Her advice has been featured in publications such as Metro Online, Happiful, Yahoo Finance, and CEO Magazine.
A Time to Think Facilitator, Clean Language Facilitator, and Nia White Belt, Felicity also holds certifications in coaching, training practice, management and leadership, person-centred counselling, and the neuroscience of change. She is a Member of the Association for Coaching and the Chartered Management Institute, and a Fellow of the RSA.
Felicity’s own lifelong commitment to personal development has introduced her to some powerful transformative practices. The methods that she uses in her own life and shares through her workshops and coaching are evidence based, creative and effective. And she teaches them in a practical and accessible way.

Books by Felicity Dwyer