Category: Business, Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Publication date: April 25, 2023
Extent: 338 pages

Conscious Inclusion

How to ‘do’ EDI, one decision at a time

Catherine Garrod

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How to ‘do’ EDI…

Unless you’re consciously including people, you’re almost certainly unconsciously excluding people. Discover 99 decisions and 5 simple habits for creating more inclusive organisations, inside and out.

Rather than top-down change initiatives involving huge teams, Catherine Garrod advocates for combining skill and will to guide people in their everyday thinking. Then developing reporting to create social accountability and track departmental progress.

When every voice is heard, every person is empowered and everybody takes action, the outcomes are extraordinary.

This is the ‘how to’ book of EDI*.

Catherine led Sky to become the most inclusive employer in the UK, with 80% of teams increasing their diversity. Now as the Founder of Compelling Culture she blends the power of listening and data to transform the organisations she works with, collaborating with leaders and their teams to define the practical actions they can implement today, tomorrow and the day after.

…one decision at a time.

*Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

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Paperback 9781788604284 April 25, 2023 £16.99
Ebook 9781788604277 April 24, 2023 £9.99