Deb Mashek in Talent Management Excellence Magazine

‘People who receive more professional development in how to nurture healthy workplace collaborations report higher job satisfaction than people who don’t receive that upskilling. They also feel more positively about collaboration in general and are eager to spend a higher proportion of their work lives engaged in collaboration.’

Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate, is featured in Talent Management Excellence magazine speaking about how HR leaders can  unlock the well-being of their people and the health of their organizations by enhancing collaborative capacity.

Cultivate Collaboration: How HR Can Unlock Personal And Organizational Health

Organizations of all shapes and sizes celebrate collaboration as a value, a skill, and a way of working. CEOs deem collaboration a company-wide north star. Leadership teams include it on the list of company values. People leaders mention it liberally when recruiting and onboarding new employees.