Concept review

This is where it all begins.

It’s how you get confidence and clarity about your book idea, and how we both decide whether we’re right for each other as publishing partners. And it’s all governed by an NDA so that you can be confident sharing your early-stage ideas.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. You send us what you have, whether that’s a draft manuscript, a proposal or simply an email setting out your idea.

Step 2. We review the concept, focusing on distinctiveness, credibility, commercial appeal, fit with market and structure, with recommendations for next steps.

Step 3. The fee is £250 (+ VAT where applicable), which will be deducted from the Practical Inspiration Publishing fee if we agree to work together within 6 months of receipt of the review.

Request your concept review now and let’s get started…

NB: if you have already been working with a reputable book coach, development editor or ghostwriter, it may be possible to waive the concept review.
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