Rob Wozny

For more than 25 years, storytelling has been at the core of everything Rob Wozny has accomplished as an intrepid senior journalist, creative content strategist, and proven business communicator.
Leveraging his passion and experience for storytelling, Rob works with organizations to understand their goals and align them business storytelling ideas, personalized to attract and engage the people that matter most to them.
As a sought-after instructor, speaker, and author, Rob shares storytelling opportunities and challenges with organizations, drawing on decades of experience serving senior leaders and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries.
However, the most rewarding and ever-evolving narrative for Rob is the story of his family, with his partner Lisa of 25 years, and their two daughters. Some of their favourite chapters have been ‘written’ from outdoor and travelling activities with many more on the horizon.

Books by Rob Wozny

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