David Pattison

David Pattison left school not knowing what he wanted to do. He ‘fell’ into the advertising industry and made good progress, becoming a main board director at the age of 29. In 1990 he started his own business with two partners that was sold and became part of the Omnicom Group. PHD is now a worldwide brand in eighty markets.He attended Harvard Business School and lived and worked in New York building PHD USA. Before leaving PHD he launched offices in 35 markets including Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.After PHD he was asked by the founders to sell an independent digital media business, which he achieved successfully just before the world economic crisis in 2008. For the last 10 years David has worked as a chair or mentor for a variety of businesses and CEOs. Investing, raising funds, selling, advising, setting up infrastructure and being a shoulder to rest on. Acting as a ‘wingman’ watching CEOs and companies’ backs and witnessing first-hand the ups and downs of start-up and young company life. He still doesn’t know what to do but he has had an amazing working life trying to find out.

Books by David Pattison

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