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‘When boundaries are too rigid or stepped over in a team, resistance and tension occur. If a team does not feel safe to articulate its boundaries clearly, people misinterpret different situations, trust may be broken and conflict can occur.

Jude Jennison, author of Leading Through Uncertainty  is a featured in The HR Director speaking about team dynamics and nonverbal communication.

Book review: Leading Through Uncertainty

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‘Jennison’s style is gentle, compassionate but assertive and her book is a brilliant mix of story-telling, anecdote and critical perspectives’

Jude Jennison‘s Leading Through Uncertainty  is a featured book review in theHRDIRECTOR

Leading through Uncertainty – Making disruptive change work for humans – theHRDIRECTOR

In our post-pandemic world, we’re continuing to face unprecedented uncertainty and disruption. The challenge for leaders continues – in the face of even more unrelenting change, their teams are looking to them to keep providing certainty amid the chaos. Having the skills to lead through change without suffering burnout, seeing staff turnover increase or levels of engagement plummet is a must-have.