Category: Business, Leadership and coaching
Publication date: May 10, 2022
Extent: 240 pages

Leading Through Uncertainty – 2nd edition

Making disruptive change work for humans

Jude Jennison

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In a world of disruptive change, uncertainty is the buzzword on everyone’s lips.

Disruptive change can throw everything into chaos unless leaders and teams have the skills to lead confidently through it. How do you lead complex change without burning out, disconnecting or losing your team?

Welcome to the age of Leading Through Uncertainty, where emotional responses to challenging situations are part of the human experience.

Drawing on numerous interviews with leaders from all walks of life demonstrating leadership in action, this new edition of the classic book on leadership and uncertainty has been revised and updated for the post-pandemic age. It explores these fundamental questions:

  • How do you lead confidently and competently in uncertainty?
  • How do you create human connection in a performance-driven culture?
  • How do you adapt rapidly to technological advances and disruptive change without losing yourself or your team in the process?


Jennison’s style is gentle, compassionate but assertive and her book is a brilliant mix of story-telling, anecdote and critical perspectives.

HR Director

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