Joanna Gaudoin on the Negotiators Podcast

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is featured on the Monday Night Live Show speaking with Derek Arden,  The Negotiators Podcast, about the benefits of a phone call in a texting world.

People Development – Author Joanna Gaudoin with Derek Arden

Joanna Gaudoin helps bright, knowledgeable people with great technical skills and experience, improve their non-technical skills so they can progress their careers and boost their firm’s performance. With a career in marketing, Joanna made the decision to work for herself setting-up here own business in, “People development”.

Joanna Gaudoin on Young Upstarts

‘If you make time for building relationships with others and working on your non-technical skills in your career, you will reap the rewards – both in terms of navigating your professional life more easily and progressing your career.’

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is featured on Young Upstarts speaking about the importance of developing non-technical skills in your working-life.

Why You Need To Develop Your Non-Technical Skills In Your Working Life – Young Upstarts

by Joanna Gaudoin, managing director of Inside Out Image and author of “Getting On: Making Work Work” Throughout school, university and even into first roles, your focus is predominantly on technical knowledge – learning information and being able to apply it.

Joanna Gaudoin on The Cashflow Show

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is a guest on The Cashflow Show speaking with Clayton M Coke about the writing & publication of her new book.

Episode 48: Joanna Gaudoin | Getting On: Making Work Work – Book Release | The Cashflow Show Podcast™ | Real People, Real Business, Real Talk!

We love it when our guests on The Cashflow Show Podcast achieve great things. It is truly a pleasure to welcome back Joanna Gaudoin, Founder of Inside Out Image, to The Cashflow Show. If you think you’ve seen this debutante author’s name before, then you are not mistaken, because Joanna was a guest on Episode 4 of The Cashflow Show Podcast in 2019!!

Joanna Gaudoin on Yahoo Finance UK

‘We all need change and new challenges to keep us motivated and engaged. The best companies want their employees to be motivated and fulfilling their potential as it benefits them too’

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is featured in on Yahoo Finance UK.

How to change your role without quitting your job

If you’re feeling unfulfilled at your job and are in need of a change, one answer is to start looking for roles elsewhere. The problem is, it’s not easy to find another job – and there’s no guarantee you’ll feel more satisfied with your career if you move to a different organisation.

Joanna Gaudoin in Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

‘Making people feel valued is important — and it’s about more than telling them they are great at everything all the time. It means listening to them and valuing their input…’

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is interviewed by Yitzi Weiner as part of Authority Magazine’s series about  ‘five things you need to successfully manage a large team’.

Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image Limited: 5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Manage a Team

I grew up just outside London and had a very happy childhood in a loving and supportive family with my parents and sister – together with various family cats – as well as having close relationships with my grandparents. I enjoyed school and particularly enjoyed languages and geography.