Category: Business, Careers, Self-development
Publication date: November 29, 2022
Extent: 224 pages

Getting On

Making work work

Joanna Gaudoin

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You’ve come this far… How do you move your career forward from here?

Once you reach middle to senior level in your profession, you require different skills to allow you not only to carry out your day-to-day role effectively and positively, but to also continue your career progression and fulfil your potential.

Simply being technically proficient and having expert knowledge isn’t enough any more. You need to develop other capabilities related to communicating, engaging with others and dealing with every professional scenario effectively and confidently.

This book will help you master these skills to successfully navigate your current role and prepare for your next, so that you can increase your job satisfaction and progress your career.

Joanna Gaudoin helps bright, knowledgeable people with great technical skills and experience improve their non-technical skills, so they progress their careers and boost their firm’s performance. She has run her business for over a decade and has worked with thousands of people, both individually and in groups. Now she wants to help YOU stand out and develop the skills you need to succeed.


I now look at the day to day running of my business very differently. A must read for any management team.


This book is well worth a read. Love the section on personal branding – so important!


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