Book review: The Art of Enough

‘One of the problems is our relationship with the term ‘enough’. It’s not about being happy to be mediocre, says Hall. It is about cultivating a healthy and sustainable attitude to life.’

Becky Hall’s  The Art of Enough: 7 ways to build a balanced life and a flourishing world is reviewed in Workingwise.

The art of enough –

The premise of coach Becky Hall’s new book is that we are out of balance in many different areas of our lives and that we need to learn how to be, do and have enough. It certainly seems to bring together a lot of current themes around climate change and sustainability as well as the […]

Becky Hall on Mantality

‘Accepting yourself, being in the present moment and trusting in your resources, will help you to show up – as you are – safe in the knowledge that your authentic self is enough.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured on Mantality talking about how to establish an authenticity mindset.

How to establish an authenticity mindset – Mantality

What is an authenticity mindset? Being authentic is all about being true to yourself. It’s about making sure that what you do and say is well aligned with what you believe, and what matters to you. Our mindset is all about the underlying belief systems that that shape who we are, what we do, and what we allow ourselves to be capable of.

Becky Hall on

‘If ambition is making you compare yourself with others, tune into perfectionist thinking or giving a vehicle to think about your failings, then it may just be time to turn your ambition on its head, and focus on how you can achieve enough to make you happy.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured on talking about healthy ambition and assessing when enough is enough.

Enough is Enough: Is Your Ambition Making you Happy?

Does ambition motivate you, or is it just another way to beat yourself up for not being where you ‘should’ be? Coach Becky Hall breaks down healthy ambition and assessing when enough is enough We have coaches to support you with your goals – contact them here We’re so often encouraged to set clear intentions and to know what we want, but ambition can be complex.

Becky Hall on BBC Radio WM1

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is on BBC Radio WM1 discussing her book and explaining how each and every one of us can learn how to embrace an abundant mindset. Tune in from 3 hours 44 mins

Grace Smith – Henry Liston sits in (26/02/2023) – BBC Sounds

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Becky Hall in Stylist Magazine

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‘January is the perfect time to channel your ‘inner lobster’, aka taking time to step back and grow a shell that will protect you as you navigate the challenges of the year ahead’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in The Stylist talking about regrouping and setting new boundaries.

Feeling overwhelmed by January? Try channelling your inner lobster

Mental Health Posted by Lauren Geall Published background Layer 1 Add this article to your list of favourites It may sound weird, but thinking about yourself as a lobster could be the perfect way to ease yourself into the year ahead.

Becky Hall in the Belfast Telegraph

‘Enough is a state of being and a way of living. With enough we learn how to live within the natural limits of our lives, and this sets us free to flourish. Enough is resourced by love and abundance. When we believe that we are enough, we can find freedom and flow that allows us to shine.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in The Belfast Telegraph talking about kids can benefit from the ‘Art of Enough’ at Christmas.

‘Teaching your child appreciation and gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving’

Christmas means different things to different people, but whatever your faith or views about this time of year, it can be easy to be swept up in expectation and excess. here can be pressure from all sides to buy more, eat more and do more and this can lead to a bucket load of stress for parents and children alike.

Becky Hall in Readers Digest

‘Learning to accept yourself exactly as you are, and realising that you are enough is such a gift’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in Readers Digest talking about imposter syndrome and 5 simple ways to overcome it.

5 Simple ways to overcome imposter syndrome – Reader’s Digest

Imposter syndrome can be exhausting, but there are ways to overcome it. Life coach and author Becky Hall shares five tips for dealing with imposter syndrome Imposter syndrome is the inner, often secret conviction that despite our experience, skills and qualifications, we’re somehow just not good enough for the job we’re in.

Becky Hall in The Stylist magazine

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Becky Hall’s book, The Art of Enough, is featured in the The Stylist Magazine and introduced by the Editor-in-Chief in her newsletter as:

‘Keen to find at least one glimmer of hope in a sea of gloomy headlines, Becky Hall’s new book, The Art Of Enough, jumped out to us. Recession aside, Hall argues we are already at Peak Stuff, and that all of our striving for more (more things, more experiences, more, more, more…) is leaving us anything but happy. She references economist Tim Jackson’s brilliant quote from his 2010 Ted Talk: “We are persuaded to spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need to make impressions that won’t last on people we don’t care about.”

While access to food and a roof over your head can’t be considered anything other than a basic right, this is a time when we will be forced to assess what we truly need alongside those basics and, subsequently, what are the ‘things’ that really make us happy.’ 


Becky Hall in The Metro

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‘You don’t have to be perfect – no-one can be. Just give of your best and that will be enough.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured in the The Metro, talking about ways to overcome impostor syndrome.

Five expert-backed ways to overcome impostor syndrome

Ever feel like you’re on the brink of being found out as a massive fraud? You feel like you’ve fooled everyone into thinking you’re better than you are, and that you’ll get caught at any moment.