Beth Stallwood on Engage for Success Radio Podcast

Beth Stallwood, author of WorkJoy, is a guest on the Engage for Success Radio Podcast talking with Jo Dodds about how to fall back in love with your job, where listeners are offered three solid strategies for looking at their current job with fresh eyes.

Radio Show #480: How to fall back in love with your job

Special Guest: Beth Stallwood: Founder of Create WorkJoy. So many people move jobs at the beginning of the year that recruiters call it the ‘January job round’ and often don’t bother trying to fill vacancies in December. While harnessing New Year energy to finally quit your job is one option, there’s another: fall back in love with the job you already have.

Liam Black on Generative Leaders Podcast

‘“Every business needs a maniac and a minder.” Following a friend’s advice, Liam Black has been how to train the manic and feed the minder.’

Liam Black, author of How to Lead With Purpose, is featured on the Generative Leaders Podcast.

How to lead with purpose – Generative Leaders

Welcome to Generative Leaders. If you’ve got a dream to change the world with purpose and want the lessons in life from a gloves off mentor, this is the episode for you today. I’m in conversation with Liam Black. So Liam. Hello Julia. Fantastic to see you. It really is.

Melissa Romo in Leadership Excellence

‘For a remote worker, especially a female head of a household, the ability to create and maintain boundaries is akin to suiting up an astronaut in a spacesuit. She must have that suit to survive.’

Melissa Romo, author of Your Resource is Human, features in Leadership Excellence speaking about maintaining boundaries between work and home.

Let’s Relieve Women From Work From Home Guilt

I’m a female executive leading a large multi-country team for an international company. I’ve worked remotely for this company since 2017 because they don’t have an office in the city where I live. Being at home for more than six years, I’m experienced in remote work, long before Covid.

Carla Miller in Leadership Excellence

‘We are trying to succeed in a working culture that was designed for men, by men, and as a result, only one in five women feel a strong sense of belonging in the workplace.’

Carla Miller, author of Closing the Influence Gap, is featured in the Leadership Excellence speaking about how to get your voice heard as a female leader

Helping Women To Close The Influence Gap

Women leaders across the globe are experiencing the Influence Gap and this is a systemic problem, not a problem with women. We hold fewer positions of power and so it is harder for us to get a seat at the table for the discussions and decisions that matter.

Congratulations to all the Practical Inspiration Authors shortlisted in this year’s Business Book Awards

Business Book Awards

Congratulations to all the finalists in this year’s Business Book Awards (with commiserations to those who missed out).

It was a proud day for Practical Inspiration Publishing, with ELEVEN  of our authors shortlisted again this year.

Our finalists are:
Rob Wozny (Storytelling for Business), Mark Garrett Hayes (Sales Coaching Essentials), Tammy Watchorn (The Change Ninja Handbook), Chris Altizer/Gloria Cusack-Johnson (Growing the Elephant), Lesley Roberts (Coaching Outdoors), Adrian Pyne (Agile Beyond IT), Carla Miller (Closing the Influence Gap), Joy Burnford (Don’t Fix Women), Felicity Cowie (Exposure), Helen Beedham (The Future of Time) and Alison Jones (Exploratory Writing).

Winners will be revealed on 16 May, 2023.

We’re keeping EVERYTHING crossed!

Business Book Awards 2023 Shortlist Reveal Livestream

Alison Jones on The Coaching Inn Podcast

Alison Jones, author of Exploratory Writing and This Book Means Business, is a guest on The Coaching Inn Podcast talking with Claire Pedrick about her book Exploratory Writing.

In Conversation with Alison Jones – Exploratory Writing | The Coaching Inn

Today, publisher Alison Jones joins Claire at The Coaching Inn to talk about her new book: Exploratory Writing – Everyday Magic for Life and Work. This is a great way to coach yourself. And there’s some great nuggets in here for trainers, facilitators and anyone who works with people.

‘We need leaders who take action to progress gender equality, who role-model inclusive behaviour and create the level playing-field needed to retain women and create a better culture for all.’

Joy Burnford, author of Don’t Fix Women, is featured in Dialogue speaking about why organizations need to consider the needs of women at all life stages if they are to improve talent retention and close gender pay gaps.

Read the article here.

Becky Hall on

‘If ambition is making you compare yourself with others, tune into perfectionist thinking or giving a vehicle to think about your failings, then it may just be time to turn your ambition on its head, and focus on how you can achieve enough to make you happy.’

Becky Hall, author of The Art of Enough, is featured on talking about healthy ambition and assessing when enough is enough.

Enough is Enough: Is Your Ambition Making you Happy?

Does ambition motivate you, or is it just another way to beat yourself up for not being where you ‘should’ be? Coach Becky Hall breaks down healthy ambition and assessing when enough is enough We have coaches to support you with your goals – contact them here We’re so often encouraged to set clear intentions and to know what we want, but ambition can be complex.

Joanna Gaudoin on the Negotiators Podcast

Joanna Gaudoin, author of Getting On, is featured on the Monday Night Live Show speaking with Derek Arden,  The Negotiators Podcast, about the benefits of a phone call in a texting world.

People Development – Author Joanna Gaudoin with Derek Arden

Joanna Gaudoin helps bright, knowledgeable people with great technical skills and experience, improve their non-technical skills so they can progress their careers and boost their firm’s performance. With a career in marketing, Joanna made the decision to work for herself setting-up here own business in, “People development”.