Helen Beedham on the Engage for Success Radio Podcast

‘Rethinking our approach to how we manage working time can help us address the most pressing issues of the workplace: high stress and burnout; falling retention; stalling diversity. Individuals will flourish better in their careers and businesses will boost their bottom-line.’

Helen Beedham, author of The Future of Time, is a guest on the Engage for Success Radio Podcast.

Radio Show #475: Reworking Time to Boost Productivity, Diversity and Wellbeing

Special Guest: Helen Beedham: Author of The Future of Time: How ‘re-working’ time can help you boost productivity, diversity and wellbeing Time is our most precious finite resource. So why does nearly every business fail to manage it strategically and value it appropriately? Our working time has speeded up, become highly fragmented, and blurred into non-working time.