Publication date: February 23, 2021
Extent: 196 pages

From Storeroom to Boardroom

How integrity and courage shape global business

Babs Omotowa

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What does it really take to succeed in business in the developing world? One man’s remarkable journey from a rural Nigerian village to a top job in a global corporation reveals the challenges, the opportunities and the issues we must all face up to if we’re to create positive organizational and societal impact, equality and equity in global business.

Babs Omotowa has spent his life rejecting the status quo. His own career disproves the unthinking perception that Africans underperform in global businesses, and his insistence that bigger societal issues such as community development, corruption, transparency and pollution belong on the corporate agenda alongside market and production target has revolutionized big business’s approach to the developing world.

From government agency blockades due to his refusal to pay an illegal levy, to the fallout from his resistance to paying $2bn to fund elections, to bringing transparency to oil spills and revenues to government, to creating strategic master-planning for community development and to taking tough stance to address corruption issues, his story exposes the challenges of big businesses in developing countries and reveals a better way for multinational companies to navigate these challenges: with integrity and courage.


Great leadership anecdotes with lessons on leading through difficult environments and also deep insights on how multinationals can navigate in developing countries. Great read.

From Storeroom to Boardroom is a must-read for emerging business leaders. The author’s resilience towards achieving great feats in life is worth emulating. He demonstrated very strong responsible leadership despite challenges associated with the business. This book is recommended for everyone treading the path of actualising his/her dreams in life.

Following Babs from his early years and seeing him grow into the successful businessman who remembers with respect those who inspired or helped him along the way is encouraging for so many. This book is a great example of how to grasp opportunities, the need to believe in oneself and to work with people even in the face of adversity. Whether you are starting your career, moving through the ranks, or sitting in the boardroom, Bab’s story gives some wonderful insights into the ways that people can help themselves and others and the success that it can bring for all.

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Paperback 9781788602341 February 23, 2021 £12.99
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