Category: Business
Publication date: April 20, 2021
Extent: 256 pages

The Strengths-Based Organization

How to boost inclusivity, wellbeing and performance

Emily Hutchinson
Caroline Brown

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Every leader cares about inclusivity, wellbeing and performance. For technical organizations these issues are especially acute: in the least diverse sectors, with every-increasing issues around mental health and resilience, companies need to realize continuous gains in performance and productivity to stay ahead,or even just to stay in the game,in a fiercely competitive space. How can leaders square the circle?This book will show you how to build a Strengths-Based Organization: an organization which is based on the scientific understanding of what helps individuals to flourish and organizations to reap the benefits.

The world changes fast, but the core nature of people remains constant even in times of massive upheaval. Hutchinson and Brown describe the strengths-based approach as a ‘gold mine’. So too is this book, full of valuable insights, practical advice and powerful examplesDr Jolyon Maddocks, author of Emotional Intelligence at Work

The challenge of how to work in a way that makes people feel included, well and able to perform at their best becomes ever more important, both for individuals and for organizations.

This approach is about working with business as usual and experimenting with small changes, which can result in big outcomes. Whether you work for yourself, a small company, or a large corporate organization, the strengths approach can be applied to everything you do.

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