Category: Parenting
Publication date: August 18, 2020
Extent: 228 pages

Parenting Magic

A new approach to behaviour and communication

Karen Shaw


The instruction book that didn’t come with your child. A comprehensive guide to being the best parent you can be, connecting and communicating in a conscious and confident way with your children, so that you can both enjoy a great relationship and you can help them shine their unique brilliance in the world.

This is a new paradigm, exploring the importance of energetic communication and kinetic parenting with concepts, philosophies, strategies and ideas drawn from NLP, hypnotherapy, spiritual practices and the latest brain and heart research which reveals that we are communicating far more to our children than we think we are.


An interesting new take on parenting, focusing on conscious communication and behaviour. As parents we are often juggling a million things at once so our responses are automatic and not consciously thought out. Well worth a read.


Awesome book!!
I think it is so important that we are conscious of how we, as parents, interact with our children and teach them, both by example and word. This book helped explain why it is so important to consciously parent. I love how she shares personal stories and emphasizes the importance of communication and connection. These are vital tools for developing a close and positive relationship with our children and teaching them in a way that will positively affect their lives and growth as human beings. I love that Karen takes a holistic approach to parenting that is founded on, above all things, love, as the motivating factor. She reveals lots of effective strategies to better parent and develop stronger relationships that can produce more mindful and caring children.


You don’t need to be a parent to get something from this book! The author’s combined knowledge of eastern and western philosophies and practices provides some great insights into how to have a better understanding and relationship with kids (or anyone, really) whether you are a parent or someone who spends time with kids.


Parenting Magic offers a fresh new approach to parenting. It shows you how to connect with your children at the deepest levels and open more to the daily joys that are easy to overlook. It really is magic! Marci Shimoff – International Speaker, Co-founder, Your year of Miracles #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul
What a wonderful book! It is rare and heart-warming to find a book on parenting that is at once, wise, vulnerable, humorous, scientific and inspiring! All this is contained within the tender pages of Parenting Magic. Karen Shaw’s blend of warm personal stories as a single mom of three boys, combined with a rich review of the most useful theories in child and adult psychology, including the powerful Energy Alignment Method, make this a book that will appeal to parents of all backgrounds, ages, and beliefs. Give this gift to yourself. Bruce Cryer, founder – Renaissance Human, former CEO – HeartMath
Conscious communication is central to my own work, which is why I am so keen to recommend Karen’s book to parents everywhere. Our kids, the next generation, will be more conscious, capable and grounded from being raised by more conscious parents. From my medical background, treating adults with addiction and low self-worth, I understand the power of the messages we receive from our caregivers in childhood, the knock-on effects to their development and even the choices they make as adults. I love that Karen has dedicated a chapter of her book to explaining the neuroscience of child development in plain English so that everyone can understand. When we better understand our roles in our children’s development, we can parent more confidently and responsibly, knowing how to pass on more of our knowledge and life lessons, and less of our pain or anxieties. Andrea Pennington, MD – Author, The Real Self Love Handbook
At last a parenting book that makes sense for all parents regardless of what age their child is, or the situation they are facing. Since the beginning of time parents have been navigating unconsciously in the dark as they try to do the best by their children. With no parenthood manual, much of what we demonstrate is either moving to or away from what we have personally experienced ourselves as children. Karen Shaw brings a new dimension to parenthood, in this messy and often times complicated modern world. Empowering parents to understand the power of their thoughts, words and actions in order to consciously navigate this parenting journey fully supported and allowing their children the freedom to be themselves. Kezia Luckett Positive Psychologist Msc – International bestselling author and motivational speaker
I absolutely loved this book, written from the heart. Karen has created the ultimate guide to bringing up happy children… a must for every parent. Sara Lou-Ann Jones – CEO of Centre of Excellence
As parents we’re gifted an important opportunity to raise the next generation of adults who have the potential to go out into the world and make it a better place. But it’s not always easy, and it’s often bloody hard. Parenting Magic shows us how to practically navigate the challenges, whilst infusing the power of positive energy to lift ourselves and our children into higher levels of conscious living. A true breath of fresh air in the parenting book sector. Kelly Pietrangeli – Author of Project Me for Busy Mothers and creator of This book is a masterpiece to teach us to become wonderful parents by learning more about ourselves and our children and also how to maintain healthy happy relationships. It is written in an enjoyable way, which makes complex information easy to understand… This is the book every parent has been waiting for! Dr. Dawn Gibbins MBE – The Wild Grandma,
Karen has certainly encapsulated the art of conscious parenting between the covers of this beautiful book … I so wish this book had been available 50+ years ago when I became a very nervous and confused parent. How differently I would have handled my challenge with Karen’s gentle guidance, insight and wisdom to hand. Jean Francis – One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
This is the book I wish I had when I became a parent. This is the book I wish I had by my side as my sons were growing up. We need to get this book into the hands of all parents… Karen is the Marie Kondo of parenting. Louisa Havers – Transformational Life and Business Coach, EAM Mentor
Being a parent comes in all shapes and sizes, but is always the most important job in the world. The daily impact we have in our children’s lives influences and shapes who they become and ultimately ripples into the generations of the future. Being a parent is a gift, but it doesn’t always mean it’s easy. This book is such a gift too. Every 21st century parent needs a bit of Karen’s Parenting Magic’s wisdom, reassurance and new-world tools to navigate the journey of raising and nurturing another human soul. Nicola Huelin – Award-winning Business Coach and Mentor, Founder of Mpower for Mums in Business, TEDx speaker, author of The Invisible Revolution,
What I love the most about this book is that it opens us all up to the possibility and the idea that there is another way. It bestows permission to embrace a different approach and shows us how. I loved every single piece of this book and can feel Karen’s essence throughout it. Definitely a must-read for anyone looking for a new way who has no idea where to start. Shari Thompson Marketing Alchemist
A wonderful piece of work that weaves Karen’s personal journey with her three boys around golden nuggets of wisdom when it comes to being a parent. You will get ‘Aha’ moments galore as the various scenarios we experience with our kids are explained in such an easily understandable manner… Karen’s brilliant strategic approach to parenting, in which she goes through the practical tools and techniques that empower both yourself and your kids to thrive, is just sheer ‘Magic’. Mel Eves – Performance Specialist

A treasure trove of information and a new way of thinking, being and doing within parenthood. I just know that this will be a wonderful help for parents. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual but this is as close as you’d get to one. Jo Tocher –Emotional Loss Specialist, Author of Life After Miscarriage – Your Guide to healing After Pregnancy Loss, EAM Mentor
You will find this book to be genuinely filled with parenting magic. With pure honesty, Karen Shaw has shared personal stories to effectively convey how communication and connection create loving and supportive relationships with children. She has skillfully combined insights directly from her heart as a mother, with the vast knowledge she has gained as a professional. The beauty of her sharing results in you having the wonderful opportunity to gain the desired confidence you seek as you become a more conscious parent. Deborah McNelis, M.Ed – Brain Insights, Founder, Author, International Speaker and Creator of Neuro-Nurturing
If you are looking for advice to parent more consciously, peacefully and with love as your compass, this book is for you. It is full of easy to use practical tips for your everyday parenting. Gitte Winter Graugaard – Author of The Children’s meditations in my Heart and expert in peaceful bedtime routines



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Karen Shaw

A qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, trainer, presenter, life coach, energy therapist and an EAM (Energy Alignment Method) founding Mentor, Karen Shaw has been passionate about coaching parents since she discovered the skills, tools and techniques she learnt that helped change her relationship with her three sons for the better. Sons with disabilities, physical and psychological, complex medical conditions and labels.
As a single parent since 2001 she has discovered many ways of creating a fulfilling, loving relationship with her children by putting together elements from Personal Development, NLP, Hypnotherapy, energy therapies, living a ‘heart-centred’ life and incorporating Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices.
She has appeared on national TV and radio and has spoken on stage at international conferences on parenting communication. She was nominated for a UK national Women Inspiring Women award.