Karen Shaw

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Short bio:

Karen Shaw is a transformational life and parenting coach and emotional rebalancing therapist and mother of three wonderful sons.

She is the founder of Parenting Magic, a parenting method that enables parents to connect and communicate with their children in a conscious and confident way.

Long bio

A qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, trainer, presenter, life coach, energy therapist and an EAM (Energy Alignment Method) founding Mentor, Karen Shaw has been passionate about coaching parents since she discovered the skills, tools and techniques she learnt that helped change her relationship with her three sons for the better. Sons with disabilities, physical and psychological, complex medical conditions and labels.

As a single parent since 2001 she has discovered many ways of creating a fulfilling, loving relationship with her children by putting together elements from Personal Development, NLP, Hypnotherapy, energy therapies, living a ‘heart-centred’ life and incorporating Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices.

She has appeared on national TV and radio and has spoken on stage at international conferences on parenting communication. She was nominated for a UK national Women Inspiring Women award.