Category: Business, HR
Publication date: February 20, 2020
Extent: 192 pages

People Not Paperclips

Putting the human back into Human Resources

Kath Howard

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The way HR is working isn’t working. A global epidemic of workplace unhappiness, poor engagement and high churn shows that our well-intended HR interventions just aren’t cutting it.

So, how can we put the ‘human’ back into Human Resources? Combining her own research with 20 years’ experience of leading OD and cultural change, Kath Howard encourages HR leaders to think big and to think personal. Accessible and compelling, People Not Paperclips is a refreshing blend of practical insights, stories, and tools that will help you create an environment in which your people can do their best work. It explores how we can attract, recruit, develop and support our people with heart, and why this really matters.

People Not Paperclips positions HR professionals at the forefront of cultural change bringing humanity back into the workplace.

· Combines expertise in OD and Psychology with interviews with business and HR leaders

· An accessible and practical guide for HR leaders to build a workable OD plan for their business

A practical toolkit for creating people-centred HR services, processes, and practices, with accompanying online materials


This book is a must read for both established HR professionals and those embarking on a career in Human Resources. It provides a platform to reflect on current people centred approaches and to establish new approaches for the future. The author writes with a refreshing level of sensitivity and compassion and the belief that we can rehumanize HR. The sections in the book are well structured to help you explore the topic through research, stories and personal experiences. It is in all our interests to release the potential in our employees and this book will help to rekindle our determination and resolve to find a way to give them the support they need. It is a guide that we can all turn to time and again.

This book is a really great combination of theory, practical application and ideas to take forwards. Kath brings a really refreshing view of Human Resources which challenges your thoughts and I have found really inspirational. A really accessible and great read!

This excellent book is a must read for HR professionals at all levels. HR directors will find it useful as will those starting out in their career. It is succinct and well written, unlike some professional tomes! It is easy to use and full of useful accessible information and guidance.

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