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Publication date: September 10, 2020
Extent: 220 pages

Misadventures in Entrepreneuring

The truth about how it feels to run your own business

Lucy-Rose Walker
Gayle Mann

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Misadventures in Entrepreneuring® is the brainchild of Gayle Mann and Lucy-Rose Walker who were personally involved in the start-up, growth and eventual sale of Entrepreneurial Spark. They have experienced their own ‘misadventures’ as well as the many misadventures of the 4000+ entrepreneurs they have worked with along the way, most of which were entirely psychological.

It focuses on the psychology of entrepreneuring® and how crucial it is to getting in, and out, of many of the most common misadventures. Dispelling myths about the daily challenges entrepreneurs face, and providing reassurance and inspiration, Misadventures in Entrepreneuring® delivers support and guidance to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes through the authors’ story and those of many other entrepreneurs as they cope day to day.

If you feel like your business has taken over your life, if you love what you do but struggle to juggle all your priorities, if you sometimes forget what you dreamed of when you started – this book is for you.


This book takes a no holds barred look at the reality of being and entrepreneur and starting a business. Making sacrifices, dealing with guilt, getting stuck and finding ways to get unstuck to keep the journey going. Great real life stories from entrepreneurs who have actually been there and done that. A great read for all would be entrepreneurs.

Running a business can be lonely but this book will give you a much needed sanity check! Lots of great, truthful contributions from everyday, relatable entrepreneurs who are still on the journey!

This book is brilliant. Well written and very relatable. It highlight entrepreneurs the challenges they may face and how to negotiate the demands that are involved when starting a new business.
It is my bible, while I negotiate setting up my new business venture.

Are you looking to start your own business? Do you fancy the idea of being an entrepreneur? This book is a good starting point! Entrepreneurship is not a fancy movement, this is a hard work that looks easy from the outside. The contents definitely resonate with my experience and I liked the exercises suggested too.


“you will find inspiration and a feeling of emotional support. This book is like listening to a friend offer you advice to help you become more resilient… it is an easy read and you get a feeling the authors are truly cheering for you. And who doesn’t appreciate a little cheering on once in a while?”


This is a great book, and exactly what you need if you are looking for really relatable stories from entrepreneurs like you (rather than the 1% of entrepreneurs who can identify with Mark Zuckerberg…)! Plenty of good advice and exercises that can help unblock you in the trickiest of misadventures. I really loved reading this and will keep recommending it to any entrepreneurs I know.

Absolutely LOVED this. As someone who has read ALL the business books – this really should be a must for any entrepreneur. I smashed it out in two days I was so into it!

This book is about real people and real experiences and how they coped through difficult situations. It’s talking our language! I LOVE IT
Its now my bible whilst I go through the trials and tribulations of starting a new business.

Well thanks to Gayle and Lucy-Rose for writing this wonderful book. I have been running a business for the last ten years, its been so tough and lonely at times, often not knowing which way to turn, its relatable with homour and will for sure help you along the road in these strange times we are living through. Gayle and Lucy-Rose are very approachable and knowledgeable and they and their book have to be of the best things that happended to me in 2020.

Just what I needed – running your own business can be a lonely existence, but this book works as both a companion and advisor. Easy to consume and easy to put the lessons into action. A great read!

I found this book so easy to absorb. The writing style is conversational so it feels like there’s a real human behind it, but there are tools and techniques in there as well to help you deal with the real challenges. It was refreshingly honest as well, not trying to dress anything up or pretend that being an entrepreneur is all about hustle and glamour.

Loved the book, a great read!

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