Category: Business, Coaching and leadership
Publication date: November 29, 2022

The Great Revitalization

How activating meaning and purpose can radically enliven your business

Dr Alise Cortez PhD

Book description

An invitation awaits. Beckons, actually. For leaders to reach into the hearts and minds of each stakeholder connected to their business and ignite a meaningful connection by showing how their involvement with the enterprise enriches their lives. To transform the Great Resignation into the Great Revitalization.

Creating these enlivening experiences for stakeholders begins by taking a logotherapeutic perspective. Through this means, leaders can help anyone connected to their business discover the meaning of their stakeholder experience. Meaning will help them understand how their experiences may lead them to their purpose. And purpose is the great super-directional force that orients decisions and emboldens energy.

Edition information

Paperback 9781788603850 November 29, 2022 £16.99
Ebook 9781788603874 November 28, 2022 £9.99