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Publication date: April 27, 2021

Humanizing B2B

The new truth in marketing that will transform your brand and your sales

Paul Cash
James Trezona

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There’s a new truth in B2B marketing: if you want to move products, you need to move minds.

Most companies suffer from a delusion, and it’s this: that buyers always make decisions in a rational, logical, and economic way. The result is a slew of features-driven B2B marketing that few people really care about. In recent years B2B customers have evolved. The don’t just want to buy from businesses anymore, they want to buy into them.

The problem is too few B2B companies realize this. They continue with the same product-centric marketing that increases revenue by a percentage point here and there. It seems safe but it’s dangerously short-sighted, because it doesn’t deliver the transformational and long-term growth that makes businesses category leaders.

It’s even more important to address this issue at such a critical and delicate moment in the world economy. Marketing leaders require strategies that have an exponential, rather than an incremental, effect on brand, marketing and sales, and to implement them they need the new super-skills this book teaches.

This involves establishing a core purpose, shifting the focus from products to people, from features to feelings and from messaging to storytelling, acknowledging that neuro science has proved that people buy on emotion and justify with fact. In other words, it requires a completely different mindset to the one that’s prevalent right now, one that we call ‘Humanizing B2B’.


For years I’ve been trying to convince my students and training attendees that LinkedIn is not and shouldn’t be a sterile, boring and conservative place. Nothing B2B-related should be like that! Quite the opposite – valuable professionals usually are valuable and likeable people as well. The same is true for B2B brands – selling to other companies doesn’t require acting as a robot, since all companies are made of people and we’re all marketing and selling to other people. While browsing on NetGalley for new #businessbooks, I found a title that caught me with the same messages and values – ‘Humanizing B2B’ by Paul Cash and James Trezona , founders of Rooster Punk, a B2B Storytelling agency. It will be available by the and of April and it is a must for every B2B marketer. Just a couple of the stuff I’ve highlighted on my e-reader: – Paul and James have created five principles to show that humanized B2B marketing is not as complicated as it might seem – it’s about people, not products; you need a purpose that’s actioned; emotion is at your marketing code; likeability is transformational; and storytelling is your vehicle. – They have gathered useful models and tools for great storytelling (the Brand archetypes model, the five-stage Story framework model, etc.)


This book is easy to read, with many principles that can be easily applied to marketing strategies for a fresh way of thinking!


I’m recommending this book to everyone at the moment – and in paperback version rather than Kindle as you’ll want to highlight and scribble notes throughout. It’s brilliant, concise and full of thought provoking exercises that anyone can get to grips with and gain the confidence to charge forward in their career!


An easy and insightful read. Highly recommended *****


Your brand is the ultimate way for you to express the humanity of your business’ – so true!


This must read book will invigorate and inspire any ambitious marketer who is passionate about improving B2B Land.


As someone who has worked in Marketing for 10+ years and always pushed that the human aspect is incredibly important, EVEN for B2B, I was excited to see this book come up in my list.

Although it’s promoted to be “due to the catalyst of the pandemic” I believe that this book has been needed for a number of years, it’s easy to read and gives marketers some tips on how to best implement a more human approach to B2B marketing.

Hopefully, we’ll see more organizations take this approach in reality and not just read about it.


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Audiobook 9781788603577 February 15, 2022 £17.99
Paperback 9781788602518 April 27, 2021 £17.99
Ebook 9781788602501 April 26, 2021 £9.99