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Publication date: July 20, 2021
Extent: 178 pages


The ‘bravery-as-a-strategy’ mindset that’s transforming B2B marketing

Mark Choueke


Hello. You’re a B2B SaaS marketer, right? Yeah, I thought I recognised you. What are you working on? What’s that? “Whatever the sales team needs to close the next deal?”

It’s hard, right? The maniacal race to convert leads is an addiction for B2B tech companies. But such deal-driven focus means your marketing looks identical to that of your growing competitor set: complex, technical, boring, product-led sales messages spewed onto another whitepaper. It’s self-sabotage: ‘fail to differentiate, blend in, become invisible’.

Sound familiar? Try being braver.

Boring2Brave is a step-by-step guide to showing how B2B marketing done differently will increase your influence and ‘10X’ results. Stop being measured in metrics you’ve always known are meaningless and start building your company’s brand and value. Get off the treadmill. This book will equip you to inject audacity, invention and white-hot competitive advantage into your B2B marketing.

Just by being brave.

A former editor of Marketing Week Magazine, Mark Choueke’s 20-year career at the heart of global B2B marketing has seen him grow more than 50 B2B technology companies across the world.


Being creative is important in any job. Being creative when you are in marketing is vital. This book is for those working in marketing and creative jobs, looking to brush up their creative stream and be brave. Very interesting and supportive.


Brilliant. Boring2Brave takes a fresh and thought-provoking approach to marketing, with chapters such as ‘Why John, Paul, George and Ringo are perfect B2B role models’ and ‘When you think you’re Han Solo but you’re actually C3P0’ making a companionable but compelling case for doing things differently. Packed with case studies, interviews and valuable practical advice, and challenging the status quo that exists in so many businesses, Boring2Brave will inspire marketing teams to ask the right questions, initiate conversations, think differently, and reap the benefits of being brave.


A thought provoking read for B2B marketers at all levels
Boring2Brave is an illuminating read, throwing down the gauntlet to B2B marketers everywhere to raise their game and dare to be braver in their marketing activity. Brought to life by insightful – and amusing – examples from thought leaders across the industry, this is a great work that raises question we as marketers should all be asking ourselves: Do I want to spend my life writing ebooks? Are my creative skills really bringing genuine value to the business launching another inane newsletter? Or can I be better by being braver? A breath of fresh air in marketing strategy literature, Boring 2 Brave is a great way to reconsider your marketing activity and inspire new ways of thinkings for yourself, and across your wider business.


As someone who has always worked alongside marketing in a B2B environment, this book has really opened my eyes about what marketing could and should be doing and how it’s the role, and in the interests, of all leadership team members to enable marketing to be brave. The fact it is written in a funny and engaging voice and sprinkled with interesting real life examples we can all relate to, is an added bonus.


Boring2Brave is a great read, refreshingly honest with a detailed insight into the profound impact marketing is having in the B2B world. Not only will marketers greatly benefit from the learnings in this book but I found myself wanting to give a copy to many B2B CEOs, MDs and owners who wrestle with their marketing strategy – many would greatly benefit from reading this to unlock marketing secrets as to why some B2B companies fly and others stall.



‘This book should be required reading for all B2B marketers.’

Desiree Motamedi, Senior Global Marketing Director, Workplace at Facebook

‘Few business books are this funny and engaging.’
Anthony Eskinazi, Founder and CEO, JustPark

‘If you’re going to read one great book this year, make it this one.’
Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, Boots

Boring2Brave shows you the treasure map, it’s up to you to take the journey.’
Reilly Dunn, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Slack

‘MarTech vendors all look and talk exactly the same; and in a language that’s completely unrecognizable to that spoken by the brands they’re trying to win as customers. This book captures something that’s immediately apparent, yet completely unrealized: if a B2B company competed purely on the dimension of not coming off like every other boring-ass B2B, they’d immediately differentiate themselves in ways product, sales or service teams typically can’t. Boring2Brave shows you the treasure map, it’s up to you to take the journey.’

Reilly Dunn, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Slack



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Main text

1) How The Hell Did We Get Here?

  • View From Inside B2B’s Tech Marketing Bubble
  • Shouldn’t “Technology Marketing” Be A Bit More Rock ’n’ Roll?
  • Han Solo & C3PO: Only One Of Them Is ‘B2B Tech Marketing’…
  • Planet Earth 2016-2020 (and beyond): Why Your Customer Deserves More
  • Why Are We B2B Marketers So Willing To Settle?
  • B2C – Bravery2Creativity
  • B2B – Boring2Brave
  • The Boring2Brave Mindset: Be The Entrepreneur Within

2) Boring

  • The ‘Safety’ Gamble: A Risky Game
  • The Metrics Of Mediocrity
  • Strategy And Tactics Without ‘Brand’
  • Winter Of Our Dissed Content
  • The Five Boring Beasts of B2B Marketing
  1. The Sales Blog
  2. The White Paper
  3. The Webinar
  4. The E-BookThe Trade Event
  • B2B Marketing’s Black Hole
  • The Tale Of Two Daves Battery-Farmed “Creativity”

3) Brave

  • Different Is Good
  • Vive La Difference
  • B2Beatles: Why John, Paul, George And Especially Ringo Should Be Your New Role Models
  • ‘Fast And Slow’: How To Master Two-Speed Marketing
  • True Impact vs Fake News: The Right And Wrong Analytics
  • Grab A Spear: It’s Time To Slay Some Dragons
  • Data vs Instinct And The Power Of Being Gutsy
  • Trusting In Magic You Can’t Measure
  • Learn To Brief Braver
  • Making Bravery Profitable
  • ‘Growth Two Ways’ – Personal and Organisational

4) Boring2Brave

  • Don’t Look Before You Leap: Lessons To Apply Today
  • Speaking Truth To Power (And Trying To Avoid Getting Punched By A Deputy Prime Minister)
  • Frankensteins in Salt Lake City
  • The Truth About Data
  • Weaponise Your Instinct
  • ROI: A Never-Ending, All-Out Sprint
  • Brand Awareness: Growth While You Sleep
  • Don’t Be A Marketer, Be A Go-To-Marketer
  • ‘Brave’: A Happiness Mindset



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Mark Choueke

A former award-winning journalist, Mark has built a reputation as a leader with a 20-year career at the heart of the global B2B marketing and communications arena.
He’s been the ‘media’, the ‘agency’ and the ‘brand’; has operated within large corporates and startups alike and has raised investment to found and run a successful business.
Mark was editor of Marketing Week magazine and earlier, B2B-focused marketing titles Precision Marketing and Data Strategy and was a business correspondent on newspaper The Sunday Telegraph.
Quitting journalism in search of adventure, Mark went to an agency where he worked alongside genuine advertising legends to create stuff that helped grow some of the world’s greatest brands.